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10 B-Town Celebs and their Fashion Brands!

Fashion is an instant language. Celebrities can influence their fans in numerous ways such as lifestyle, dressing and fashion quotient. Celebrities are a huge inspiration and influence for the young generation. The youth definitely try to follow the steps of their idols. However, at times celebrities wear expensive dresses and it is almost impossible for their fans to afford and follow. But with changing times, the differences have shrunk a lot. Many top Indian celebrities have come up with their own fashion labels for the fans who are fanatic about their fashion sense.
Here, is a list of 10 celebrities who have their own fashion brands, let’s take a look:

1. Being Human by Salman Khan

10 B-Town Celebs and their Fashion Brands!

Being Human, a Salman Khan’s label is the most popular brand in partnership with Mandhana Industries. It is currently at the top in the Indian market. Being Human is also a charitable organization. Wearables and accessories of Being Human exhibit the style of Salman Khan and mostly target the youth. It is available at outlets and online platforms and is renowned for its affordability and style. Being Human now also has flagship stores in Dubai as part of Splash stores, keeping Salman’s international fan base in mind.

2. Deepika Padukone
s All About You

10 B-Town Celebs and their Fashion Brands!

The fashion icon, Deepika Padukone has her very own fashion brand ‘All About You’ in collaboration with Myntra, Van Heusen and Melange. It has the richest collection of both wearables and accessories in a cost-effective range. This brand also stars dresses which Deepika actually wore in her films and at ramp walks. She nearly works with the in-house design team of Myntra and French design agency called Carlin and produces this amazing range of clothing. These designs usually have a mild and a decent look. The price range starts from Rs.1500. Their fashion slogan is, “You are with you”.Deepika has also involved her latest vogue eyewear in her beautiful collection.

3. Sonam Kapoor’s Rheson

10 B-Town Celebs and their Fashion Brands!


Sonam Kapoor is the ultimate of fashion. Every day, she has a different look. She manages to show versatility in fashion effortlessly. Fashion line introduced by Sonam and her designer sister Rhea has given an opportunity to all her fans dress like her. “Rheson”, which is a combination of their names Rhea and Sonam Kapoor also it reads as “reason”. This line includes tops, tees, jackets, pallazo, sarees, and handbags. It is exclusively designed for young girls, who admire fashion. Rheson is the most affordable fashion label ranging from Rs.400 to Rs.4000 in the various sizes from extra small to extra large in UK size 6 to 16.

4. Hrithik Roshan’s HRX

10 B-Town Celebs and their Fashion Brands!


A fashionable and a fitness icon Hrithik Roshan has a fashion range for exercise apparels and accessories. HRX was started in 2012 by Roshan and Afzar Zaidi from Exceed and Sid Shah from The Wild East Group. This brand is designed exclusively for fitness enthusiasts, therefore, comfort is given more emphasis than the looks. It consists of a wide range of active sportswear, casuals, and footwear which are available for both men and women. The apparel is created in a slim fit with lightweight material. Myntra has collaborated with HRX in 2013 and it has a 51% stake in HRX.

5. Virat Kohli’s Wrogn

10 B-Town Celebs and their Fashion Brands!

The stylish and popular young cricketer Virat Kohli lends his name to the youth fashion brand Wrogn. This brand is renown for its eccentric designs and deliberate attempt to ditch standard fashion. This nonconformist clothesline reflects his inner aggressive drive. In collaboration with Universal Sportsbiz Pvt Ltd, Wrogn presents a collection of graphic T-shirts, band collar shirts and lightweight denim jackets, worn with cuffed chinos and jeans.

6. Shraddha Kapoor’s Imara

10 B-Town Celebs and their Fashion Brands!


Shraddha Kapoor’s brand name Imara is the one you cannot miss out on. The brand experiments with ethnic designs to demonstrate the spirit of the stylish Indian woman. It is an outstanding inspiration by modern women and aims at reviving conventional Indian attire. It adds a modern twist to Indian attire and introduces them to a contemporary look.Imara is Shraddha’s dream and she has partnered with Anjana Reddy of USPL. The brand is fairly priced with clothing starting from 699INR onwards.

7. Nush by Anushka Sharma

10 B-Town Celebs and their Fashion Brands!

Anushka Sharma has impressed several fashion critiques with her fresh and innovative style statements at various promotional events of her film. Anushka has collaborated with the brand Code to bring to you a series of upbeat urban wear for today’s contemporary girls. From dresses to casual wear, you can choose straight from Anushka’s fashion sense.

8. Shahid Kapoor’s Skult

10 B-Town Celebs and their Fashion Brands!

Skult means a combination of Shahid and Cult, it is India’s first athleisure fashion brand. Skult was launched by Shahid Kapoor, in partnership with  Birla Group on 18th October 2016 with online shopping site www. Abof.com. Skult consists of wearables as well as accessories such as T-shirts, Bags, Shoes, Joggers, Sweaters, and Shirts.

9. The Trunk Label by Bipasha Basu

10 B-Town Celebs and their Fashion Brands!
Bipasha Basu has been commended for her excellent fashion sense straight from her modeling day. Thus it wasn’t unusual when she started her online store, The Trunk Label. It offers
large collections of wearables as well as accessories such as shoes, bags, belts, jewelry in a trendy and unique design styled by Bipasha herself. The remarkable actress believes that every woman wants to be their best version and right accessories help in completing any look.

10. Shilpa Shetty’s SSK Line

10 B-Town Celebs and their Fashion Brands!

The beautiful actor turned into a designer with the launch of ‘SSK Line’. Collaborating with HomeShop18, Shilpa Shetty Kundra launched her own range of sarees in 2014. They re-launched SSK line of designer sarees in October 2016 with a variety of delicately crafted nine-yards made of Georgette, Embossed Crepe and Net chiffon with rich embroidery.


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