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8 offbeat and interesting courses offered by Indian universities

Were you aware that you can have a degree in pet care or puppetry Or that by trying tea you can earn a tremendous amount or is that hacking worthwhile? After school, there are many interesting career opportunities that you can consider and Indian colleges offer some unique courses now.

Let’s get to know some 8 offbeat courses that are offered by Indian universities:

Bachelor of Rural studies

This is the course for you if your heart lies in Indian villages and you want to do much more than go as a tourist and click images. This course gives you the opportunity to participate in different activities for rural and community development.

It covers topics such as animal husbandry, forestry, management of farms, development for children, agriculture, environment management, community development, etc. You can apply to various government, public and privately-owned organizations working on rural matters after you complete the course. You can also work with several non-governmental organizations.

Where should it be applied?

The course is offered by certain universities in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Gujarat Bhavnagar University offers a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in rural education.

Ethical hacking

For all those who hack “fun” social networking accounts for friends, for those who use a locked-in system to crack passwords, for those who spend most of their time experimenting with various codes–it’s a great way to make good use of these gray cells. You can violate and pay for the security of computer systems! For various security purposes, many large companies look for ethical hackers.

You need good coding knowledge in various programming languages. By interning for an organization, you can start your career and transform it into a permanent job. The average wage ranges between Rs.2-5 lakhs for a new one and five tones depending upon your skills.

Where to apply for this course?

Institutes such as the Indian school of hacking ethics and the Institute of security of information offer different courses in hacking ethics. Arizona Infotech in Pune offers a short 15-day course. It is important that you have no record of a criminal offense because the course is all about trust and companies do not want to leave their safety in the hands of people who cannot trust.

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Spa management

Your body is relaxed by a good spa and brought to another world. Spa management and training is something that many people have not heard about. So where do these wonderful masseurs and therapists come from spa companies? You will learn everything you need to know about a good Spa and how to make a career in it at a spa training institute. Rs.10 000 can be earned by a fresher from a masser or therapist and income rises with the experience you gain. The pay scale may be higher than those without a certificate when you receive a degree or training.

Where to apply for?

Hyderabad’s Ananda Spa Center is a good choice. The Institute offers seven courses and an 8-month diploma course. The Orient Spa Academy in Jaipur is connected with a spa school in Bangkok, which gives the students the opportunity to study in Thailand for a few weeks. In Mumbai, Delhi, Mangalore, and other cities there are several other spa academies that offer you interesting courses to choose from. A Diploma in Spa Management course is offered free of charge for selected students at the Annabel Spa Institute in Kernel. The Indian Government recognizes the course

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puppetry is much more than playing with puppets and is one of the oldest entertainments. It is also an important educational medium and many schools and institutes teach students on different subjects using marionettes. Various phases and performances contributed to the focus of marionetry. This art, which was at risk of being lost, has once more gained recognition and appreciation over a period of time.

Universities offering this course

The University of Mumbai offers a Puppetry Certificate Class. Meena Naik, famous theater personality and puppeteer, is taking part in this course. Calcutta Puppet theater will soon be starting a marionet academy covering all aspects of art theoretical and practical.

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Tea tasting

What better than tasting and paying for awesome teas? If you get the right opportunity, working as a tea-sommelier can be a high cost. In a five-star hotel, you can get an initial wage of Rs. 50 000 a month. The sommelier tastes not only the tea but also offers advice, branded, and knows well how to grow and produce.

Where to apply?

Many universities offer tea management degree and diploma courses. Some of those studies include the Birla Futuristic Studies Institute, the Dipras Professional Studies Institute, the Institute for Plant Management, the Indian Tea Resucht Association and the The Tea Tasters Academy (the Tea Tasters Academy). Bangalore also offers a certificate course in tea degustations and marketing. Indian Institute of Plant Management.

Public health entomology

It is an insect and arthropod study that has an impact on the health of people. The task also comprises research on different species ‘ behavior and ecology. A person in that area has the opportunity to meet local and state officials and to connect with them. In this field, many universities, government agencies and chemical companies are looking for employees.

Where to apply?

A 2-year post – graduate study course in this field is offered by the Vector Control Research Center (VCRC) in Pondicherry University. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi can also be considered for this course

Habitat policy and practice

Those who have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture, management, physics, geography, planning, law or social science are eligible for the training. The course covers the study of livelihood activities, social structure and the rights of the residents as well as the necessary resources, infrastructure and services.

Universities to apply

The Social Sciences Institute of Tata offers M.A. and Policy and Practice Habitat Programs.


This is a combination of optical and electronic technology. The study covers photons, the basic light particles, and masters the emission, detection, transmission and modulation techniques of light. Those of you who are very keen to learn more about science are best suited for this course. A photonist can work in many companies and public offices as an engineer, scientist, researcher and professional officer. You can also design photonic equipment through the work. Because of a lack of photonics specialists in this field, worldwide demand is high.

Where to apply for this course?

Colleges offering courses in photonics include the International Photonics School in Cochin, CUSAT in Cochin ; the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi, Chennai ; Manipal Institute of Technology in Manipal, Tirukirappalli, Periyar EVR College, Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya, Laturia in Maharashtra and the Central Electronics Engin, among others Colleges of photonics.


Give a shape to your career by beating the old traditional approach to studies and enroll in some interesting courses that will give you a chance to live your passion with a degree from a well recognized university


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