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In the present generation, almost everyone has a camera in the pocket these days. Won’t we hate it when the photos we’ve taken doesn’t seem right even after dozen attempts?

Obviously, we may want to add some brightness or saturate the photo as we wish, etc. In a millennial of apps, a photography is made exquisitely well-detailed with the help of add-ons before or after a photograph is taken. These add-ons highlight the theme of the photoshoot and enrich the art of photography to refine into the best quality. Such add-ons are known in the form of apps but apps can be used either as a camera or a photo editor. Though the photography apps are packed with a lot of unique features on their own, most social media apps already include basic features yet the apps precedes with the most. Selecting a right platform goes little difficult, in such case we have


To achieve the desired effect in the photo, VSCO Cam helps with advanced effects and stylish editing abilities. For professional photographers, it is popular among them as the app fulfills the quality of a DSLR picture. With natural looking cool effects, this app stands out among others for its eclectic in-built camera within the app. Though it is obscure enough for users, the app serves for photographers looking for classic and artistic pictures. VSCO Cam has a quite minimalistic style when we scroll through photos that is which translated over to the camera with grid lines and flash toggles along with exclusively advanced editing functions.


It is one of Google’s best inventions, Snapseed as a Photo editing app succeeds in carrying a lot of delicate features. The ad-free app has a user-friendly interface that also comes with different type of unique filters. With 28 different varieties of tools to modify a photo, the app serves with accessible export options for both Android and iOS users. The array of editing tools which can assist in brightness, contrast adjustments, and various geometric correction features, etc. helps in faster processing of a photo to turn into its fine quality with a professional touch. For a powerful editing app yet simple to learn, Snapseed strikes a great balance between the two.


Being one among the original photography apps, for a beginner, Instagram serves as the satellite to learn authentic photography skills. The app gives a platform to the users to showcase their talent by creating a social media account and arrives with a smart inbuilt camera with many other bountiful options like Super-zoom, Boomerang, Rewind, and Live camera. Being a pretty much synonymous with photography, new filters are being updated all the time added with excellent features of sharing photos, videos, as an easier and more enjoyable process. The app also includes stories like how Snapchat and WhatsApp work which has proven to be an extremely popular way to share snippets of your day for active users.

Adobe Lightroom

It is the Photo editing software from Adobe Creative Cloud available on Android. With a sharp inbuilt camera, the app gives a free version of Lightroom once created an account that arrives with advanced editing features ultimately in just one tap. It is a user-friendly app and becomes a breeze to edit photos from wherever we are. This app serves significant editing and camera quality for both DSLR and Smartphone pictures. White balance, gradient, auto tone, black/white modes are unique features of this app, it also shoots in the auto professional or HDR modes. Photoshop experts find it accessible and more essential for their smartphones as the app delivers basic features of Adobe Photoshop.


Over 100 million downloads in App store and Play Store, PicsArt has achieved to be the famous app among the users for its sheer number of user-friendly options and editing features for customizing our photos. The colorful app includes few fun-filled features namely, collage, draw, frames, stickers and more. Though the app does not arrive with an ad-free solution, it has favorable and essential requirements that a photograph needs to enhance its quality. With its eye-catching results, this app develops animated GIFs to easily impress our viewers on social media.


The powerful feature set comes with free and paid version. Pixlr is indubitably famous for its wide variety of overlays, blemish removal tools, and cosmetic adjustments. It is the right photo editor app for everyone as the app includes 2million combination of free effects, overlays, filters, and collages with various layouts, spacing options, and background. Export options are also wider with this app as it connects with all popular networking sites. Most of the artistic and aesthetic images are created using Pixlr. For DSLR finish effect and even editing on a DSLR picture requires Pixlr app features to blend and create a unique photo.


The creativity filled is accessible to users on a daily basis. Out of all the Photography apps, Prisma stands out for its unique sketch effects that which changes with color, saturation, exposure, and contrast of a photo. Being a photo editor app, it uses proprietary algorithms on its services to analyze the photo and applies nearly 40 different art styles. Prisma effects are artistically unique as the app turns the original photo into a stunning photo that one has never expected. End results amuse the photographers, editors, and viewers as the photo arrive with fine and best quality.

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