Job profiles and Salary for law graduates

law graduate

Job profiles for law graduates

Law is considered to be the backbone of a country. Right rules and laws are mandatory for the proper growth and development of a country. The whole functioning of a country depends upon its law. Therefore, law is required everywhere. The requirement of law at every level makes it an extremely high-in-demand professional career option. Career in the field of law is a very popular career option these days. Law course are having a very high market value.

law graduateCareer in the field of law aims at grooming ones analyzing skills, logical skills, critical-based thinking and decision making capabilities. Moreover, it also focuses on expanding ones mental horizon. Study of law includes the study of a lot of laws, rights, rules, regulations, etc. It also includes the study of legal language.

Job Profiles

Career in the field of law is having a very wide scope. People usually think that there is only one job profile available to law graduates, i.e., becoming a lawyer. But, there are a lot of job profiles available to law graduates. Following are some of the job profiles available to law graduates :

Legal Advisor

A law graduate can easily become a legal advisor. There is a huge demand of legal advisors in various firms and corporations. Moreover, many families also hire a personal  legal advisor.

Litigation Analyst

Litigation analysts are also known as legal research analysts. They are specialists in legal, political or economic analysis. Their tasks include providing assistance to project managers and attorneys.

Law professors

A law graduate can also become a law teacher in any coaching institution. He/she can also become a professor of law.


Any experienced law graduate can apply for the Public Service Examinations. By clearing them, he/she can also become a judge.

Solicitor General

Any law graduate who is having an experience of five years as a judge and who is highly skilled in the field of law can become a solicitor general. It is considered to be a major law post in a country.

Attorney General

Any law graduate who is having working experience of a judge and a solicitor general can apply for the post of Attorney General. By clearing Public Service Examinations, he/she may also become an Attorney General. It is considered to be the biggest law post in a country.

Other Options

Apart from the above mentioned job profiles, a law graduate can also work in multinational corporations and banks. Moreover, a law graduate do not have the sole option of working under someone. He/she may also open his/her own office and can provide his legal services from that office.


Usually, the salary of a law graduate begins from Rs.15000-Rs.20000 per month. But it depends upon ones skills and experience. With the increase in ones skills and experience, his/her salary rises. A law graduate, who is having a minimum working experience of 2 years can easily earn Rs.30000-Rs.40000 per month. A lawyer who provides legal services from his/her own office can even earn more than Rs.60000 per month.



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