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When The Sun Talks

The sun asked me a question that I could not answer,
He said “Why in the night lays awake the dancer”?
Even though he is awake under my light,
But why your mates are amazed by him dancing at night?
He asked me why my eyes don’t cry on love in the day?
Why in the dark are the thoughts always astray.
Why does the dog howl at the moon?
Why Doesn’t he consider my warm self a boon?
Why doesn’t the butterfly shut her wings,
Why only in my light does it need to smell the lings.
Why is it that loved ones are hated in the day.
But the love for the hated later starts to fray?
Why in the night those dreams have to follow,
even though everyone’s awake it still seems hollow.
Speaking of dreams why don’t they visit when I’m there ?
I won’t push them away or scare them with my glare.
The stars twinkle and the moon shines bright,
But I am too warm and my shines just a light.
Why? asked the sun, do they still love the moon?
Even though his face seems to be ruptured by a goon. 


When it rains in my time why do they close the doors?  
and when the night’s with droplets, why are they standing on the roads.
so eagerly they wait for my sunset and dawn, 
and then they stare the moon all night long.
and when I stand still in the skies and don’t bother them
I am cursed and they say I am too troublesome. 
but when the shiny moon with his grey ambiance is stalking,
they stare him back and don’t curse his talking.
“Can’t they”? said the sun just close their eyes.                              
I’ll hush my light and dim my blue skies  
I’ll let everyone sleep
If they just tried,
Maybe then they will love me like the night.
Babra Shafiqi
Babra Shafiqi
Studying in DPS Srinagar. Love to read, write and bask in the glory of Paradise on earth. I pour my soul out on paper. Nothing stimulates me more than intelligence, kindness and compassion. Hopelessly romantic (sometimes) solid listener (most times).


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