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How to get constant inspiration for writing poetry?

Writing, in itself, is one of the purest forms of art. You can call it magical too. Believe me! 

Isn’t it fascinating to note how a few sets of inanimate words start dancing in your head the moment you lay your eyes on them and try to scrutinize them to suck their gist with your critical mind? I bet; it is! Although not everyone tries to critically ponder over poetic pieces, even naïve readings are full of zest. 

I won’t call myself an avid reader as many people these days who like to read generally do. Of course, I do love to read, but I’m quite a lazy sort of fellow who doesn’t read on a regular basis. I call myself insane, somewhat due to my extreme mood swings. But that’s pretty normal for me. It’s just that I love to tease my mini-me (my psyche), referring to her as a mad woman. But that man woman does wonders sometimes. She plays a quite remarkable role in inspiring me to indite more and more poetic pieces. Yes, she is my muse. One of my muses. Sounds strange? Wondering how can someone be one’s own muse? Well, so lemme answer all your questions regarding this. I’m sure my random cum some sort of sensible gibberish will aid you in figuring out how to get constant inspiration for writing poetry. 

Who is a muse? 

Portrait of a beautiful young blonde woman dressed in casual shirt, listening musing with headphones
Portrait of a beautiful young blonde woman dressed in casual shirt, listening musing with headphones

The definition of muse is pretty simple. What inspires you artistically is called a muse. It can be ‘someone’ or ‘something’, i.e., a person or a thing, situation, event, etc. If we talk about examples, then lovers are counted as quite common examples of muses, especially in writing. In order to write poetry, several writers derive inspiration from their personal love life. But that doesn’t mean if one’s lover is one’s muse, one would only be able to write poems on love, heartbreak, relationship, compatibility, romance, etc. 

A muse can inspire a person in multiple ways. It often happens that writers who find their muse in their partner or lover, write about their relationship, highlighting their expectations, compatibility, sex life, etc. But it’s often beyond that. Some writers write about what their lovers love or hate, etc. For instance, I know a great writer who is also a good friend of mine. She mostly writes on the mundaneness of middleclass working men’s lives. Sometimes, she also writes poems on sports. But she says that her only muse is her husband. She takes inspiration from the ordinariness of her husband’s life, and sometimes also writes about what he loves the most, i.e., cricket and football. So, this is what a muse does! Muses inspire – only inspire (with no strings attached). The inspiration can be in any way. All what an artist gets from a muse is some ambrosial seeds of artistry, and then they amalgamate their imagination with their inspiration to sire aesthetic pieces of art. I hope now you clearly know what/who a muse is and what it does.  

Can I be my own muse? 

Oh dear, it is a question of no doubt. Of course, you can. Anyone can. Even we all can. It’s all about inspiration. When you can get inspiration from others, then why and how not from yourself! It often happens with me too. Before writing a poem, I often make myself my muse. 

Once I was untangling my twisted mane in front of a mirror. While doing so, I looked at myself and started wondering about the profoundness of what I was doing. Soon I realised that I can use it as a metaphor to write about the complexities of human life that how we get stuck in our lives, and the more we try to detach ourselves from the web of worldliness, the more it pinches us and makes us feel forlorn. To add some more details to my poem, I looked at the innocent face in the mirror and wondered about that girl’s dreams – what dreams she must’ve had before getting forcedly tied to the mould of a housewife. My inspiration along with my imagination pierced me, and it pricked somewhere deep down my heart, but I wrote. And, this is what a writer wants – something/someone to write on/about. I was glad on seeing myself in a new light that day – as a guide, an object of inspiration, a muse. I’d really like you to try this once. Try writing something after deriving inspiration from your own self. 

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Can I have multiple muses? 

Why not?! All of us have, where some notice that and some don’t. The things around us, the people around us do inspire us in some way or the other. You can be your muse, your parents can be your muse, your lover can be your muse, your friends can be your muse, the weather at your place can be your muse, your pet can be your muse, your room can be your muse, your city can be your muse, your lifestyle can be your muse, your habits and attitude can be your muse, and what not! 

How to get constant inspiration for writing poetry? 

Inspiration is available in multiple forms. All you need is just to figure out what works for you! 

  • Observe a lot. Just be alert all the time and keep observing the things and people around you. Who knows where you find your muse and in what form! 
  • Just imagine. Imagination knows no bounds. Feel free to imagine whatever you can and can’t. Be quirky with your imagination. Go wild (as much as you can). Imagination can aid a great deal in making you figure out your muse. 
  • Merge in your mind what you observe and imagine. Let’s take the help of an example. Suppose you are in a room. Observe all what’s around you. Look around yourself. Suppose your eyes stopped roving when you looked at the ceiling fan. What came to your mind on seeing it? Suppose you were highly depressed that day, and the fan seemed to be symbolic of an escape to you. Now imagine something fresh and occupying. Suppose you imagined the fan to be a UFO sent by the Almighty as a source of energy and refreshment; it comes down to give you a chance to enter it for a couple of minutes to recharge yourself whenever you are feeling blue. Now imagine more and more and more, and connect the dots to form a fanciful or/and fascinating product of imagination. And ta-da, it’s done. Now tell me, ain’t it amazing how a simple ceiling fan of your room became your muse and helped you pen down a poetic piece? It’s interesting, no?! Wanna try? You surely should. Poetry is as simple as that when you have a muse. 

I hope after reading this article you won’t have to struggle even a bit in getting inspiration for writing poetry. Well, good luck for your search for your muse/s. Feel free to share your experiences with your muse/s in the comments section. 

Thank you! 😊 

Sheena Dawar
Sheena Dawar
Sheena Dawar is an introvert who believes words are melodies that stir the soul and colors that paint the canvas of possibility. She embodies the spirit of a poet, breathing life into each syllable and crafting stories that dance in the hearts of those who dare to dream. Sheena has completed her MBA from The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women and degrees in English Literature and Comparative Literature from the University of Delhi. With more than 6 years of experience, she excels in creating engaging content across various platforms, specializing in SEO writing, copywriting and digital marketing. As a brand manager at 9.9 Group, Sheena orchestrates innovative strategies that resonate with audiences and elevate brand presence. Her journey includes stints as a content head and instructional designer, where she curated engaging educational courses for leading ed-tech platforms. Fuelled by a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship, Sheena spearheads her own website, where she curates compelling narratives and mentors a team of writers in crafting SEO-friendly content. Beyond her professional pursuits, she's a fervent advocate for veganism and is embarking on her vegan venture, driven by a commitment to animal welfare, sustainability and ethical living.


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