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Say to drugs a forever bye….

Breathing an atmosphere 

heavy with joys and happiness

is not as guaranteed as air.

The scent of fears and worries

may burn you down and flow 

through you like a stream.

But flying into a passion sour,

is not a fanciful solution,

Passion sour is like

 the constant drip, drip of water

that fills you with insanity.

A hug, a touch, a talk 

is all you need to free 

yourself from the tangles of worry and fear,

Not a few wisps of fancy fumes or drinks.

Those threads of relief intoxicate you 

and brings an incessant downpour 

and keeps the vital sunshine at bay.

It locks you up in a cage,

fancy and seemingly gold,

The few rounds of delights

immure your senses in a splendour,


It empties the peace of your 

inner self, and set your knickers

in a twist.

The life in you roars out 

like floodwaters, and your heart

begins to beat in the dark.

You take umbrage on things 

and people around you,

and fall into the days of

filth and vile.


Why allow intruders to throng

the walk of your life?

Why to gift your life, with 

that stab of regret and guilt?

Why not,

Open the windows of your life,

to the breeze of LOVE?,

For it alone has the power to erase,

the heat of fear and worry…

Being healthy is the new high,

Say to drugs a forever bye…

Anu ranju
Anu ranju
An innocent soul treading the path of rediscovery.


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