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Coping With Stress

Living in stress is always harmful to life. Stress eliminates our natural energy and promotes a kind of mental illness that dominates us in a very dangerous way. Being troubled, hurt or unhappy with something, is what we call stress. It means being deeply depressed. Tension is related to the mind. Stress is a kind of conflict that is due to being unable to balance and reconciliation. The person who is suffering from stress becomes unstable, emotional and cannot be sustained. It is difficult to decide what is right and what wrong. In such a situation, both physical and mental conditions of the person related to him become worse every day. The balance of your body worsens when you are under stress.

What is stress

There is a way to respond to any type of demand or danger of your body. When you understand the danger, whether it is real or imagined, the body’s protection mode comes into play, automated process in high gear called “fight-or-flight” reaction or “stress reaction”.

Stress is the way to protect the body while working properly, it helps you stay focused, energetic and alert. In emergency situations, stress can save your life, for example, you can give extra strength to defend yourself, or to motivate yourself to slam on a break to avoid an accident.

Coping With Stress


Emotional traits

Negative or depressed.


Increasing emotional reactions – To be more cry or sensitive or aggressive. LonelinessLack of motivation, dedication and self-confidence.

Mental symptoms

  • Confusion and indecision.
  • Concentration power is affectedWeak Emotions.

Changes made to your normal behavior

Physical symptoms

  • Different pain and frequent colds.
  • Diarrhea and constipation.
  • Nausea and dizziness.
  • Pain in the chest.
  • A decrease in sexual desire.

Health Problem Due To Stress

There are certain health problems given below, which are caused due to stress:

How much stress is too much?

It is important to know your limit and know how stress is different from “too much” stress. In some people rolling with the punishments of life is stress for some it is just a challenge. In some, small obstacles or frustrations crumble on their face. Some people also experience a high stress even due to small tussles. Taking limited stress creates a desire to improve any work, but the situation worsens when this stress starts to dominate. When a person takes the stress, he may have to suffer from many kinds of problems such as, His blood pressure increases. Digestive power is affected. The immune system is affected. Muscles also start to stress. 

It is only you who can handle your stress so try these techniques to get rid of stress today. 

Relaxation technique -This is the skill through which you can reduce the effects of stress and many diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease. Deep breathing i.e. deep breaths to relax the mind and relax the body. Whenever you feel a tension in your mind, just take deep breaths. This will reduce your tension.

Exercise – Regular exercise can help you deal with heart problems, blood pressure, and clears your blood. Swimming, jogging, cycling, jumping rope, etc. Help in reducing stress. Every person must do any of these exercises for at least four days and thirty minutes in the week. 

Time management – How you spend your time determines the quality of your life. By learning to manage time, a person is free from his tensions. The main rule of time management is that the things you give importance have to be settled at the right time. Overcome the habit of avoiding work. Take as much work as you can, and do it as easily as you can.

Do not keep things in mind: If you are stressed over something, then do not think it again and again. According to the great psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, if there is a depression in mind, there may be several types of dangerous mental illness in future.  Please tell your problems to any of your close friend or mother, father, brother, sister, spouse or wife whoever you feel comfortable with. More than half of your stress will be removed from this discussion.

Keep your anger in control: Do you get angry suddenly while talking to someone? Or do you get tangled with small things? The biggest reason of stress is getting angry on small things. If you get annoyed on small things or once you, and you cannot control yourself? If you cannot control your anger then you can try these methods. When you get angry you are unable to understand things. Do not pay any attention to others when you are in anger. Your mind will slowly calm down. Before being annoyed by anything, think about what was the issue, whose fault it was. This will help you that whether it was your mistake your fault or not. Leave the tendency to retaliate. 

Spend some time alone: The main cause of stress and tension is the restlessness of the mind. You can sit in peace alone, and can also take a walk and listen to songs. But if there are more tension and stress then staying can be dangerous.

Food: The amount of potassium in milk, oranges are high, which enhances our brain’s immune system and gives us the strength to fight tension and stress. Potato (potato), cereal, rice, and fruit are vitamins ‘B’ also help in relieving tension. Coffee, tea, tobacco, wines, smoking is dangerous for mental health.

Hobbies: Do your favorite things. At most listen to your favorite music. This enhances creativity in life. Stress is the way of your body to respond different situations.

Coping With Stress

It is subjective, therefore something that brings stress to you may not be stressful for others. There are different kinds of stress and not all of them are bad for a person. So be careful when you feel uneasy and proceed with a positive approach to all your senses.

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