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Ways to Improve your Digestion Naturally..! (Updated)

Digestion is the process where body breaks down food particles to be absorbed into the blood. There are a number of things which disturb the digestive process and resulting in complications such as excess gas, bloating, nausea, constipation and diarrhea.Everyone experiences occasional digestive symptoms such as upset stomach, gas, heartburn, nausea, constipation or diarrhea.However, when these symptoms occur frequently, they can cause major disruptions to your life. Fortunately, diet and lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on your gut health.

Ways to Improve your Digestion Naturally..! (Updated)

If unattended to such symptoms these can manifest into chronic health conditions. Food habits these days will definitely affect digestion.

If you would like to minimize these unpleasant symptoms and improve your digestive health, you can easily do so by making a few minor changes to your diet.  If unattended to, these symptoms can manifest into chronic health conditions.

Here are 10 natural ways to heal your digestive system. It would be good if we follow natural ways to improve the digestion process. Here are few natural ways to improve your digestive system.



First things first. Good digestion starts in the mouth. When you chew your food well, better chewing of food does the half of the work of digestive system.


Fermented and cultured foods are high in good bacteria .Eating fermented foods will help you regenerate your gut flora naturally. The greater the variety of fermented and cultured foods in your diet the better the digestion process. Try eating fermented vegetables, kimchi, or pickle.

Increase Fiber intake

Fiber regulates blood sugar levels by slowing down digestion and allowing glucose from food to enter your blood at a slower rate. Increase in fiber intake in the diet and high fiber foods such as oats and bran cereal, legumes such as lentils, black beans and pinto beans, and nuts such as peanuts, walnuts. High fiber content fruits like berries, prunes, dried apricots, raisins, pears and apples should be added to the diet.

Avoid Fatty foods

Avoid eating fried, processed and frozen foods which tend to be high in fat. Switch from full fat dairy products to low-fat , non-fat versions of milk, cheese and yogurt. Reduce oil content while cooking.

Drink More Water

Doctors recommend to drink 5 liters of water every day. Many people with digestive disorders are extremely dehydrated. Increasing your water intake can resolve digestive disorders. With summer looming over our heads go for fresh with coconut water and fruit juices to help quench thirst and maintains hydration levels throughout the day.

Manage Stress

Stress also plays a major role on human body digestion. There are many ways to reduce stress, the first being by giving yourself to discover what kinds of relaxing activities work best for you. Easy and gentle activities such as meditation, pranayama, yoga, listening to soothing music, walking, playing games and power naps help to reduce stress levels.

Reset with a Detox

A gentle detox on a regular basis can be a great way to reset your entire digestive system. Include aloe vera and amla juice in your detox.

Eat Probiotics

Probiotics are the good bacteria that have been shown to improve gut health. They are easily available in yoghurt.


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