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Techniques That Should Be Built To Improve Patience Level

The art of patience is difficult to master but once mastered, there is nothing that can pull you back from achieving great things in life. Patience is an attribute which requires you to not feel frustrated, irritated or angry when someone makes you wait. A patient person will always keep his cool no matter how difficult the situations may be. This sounds great but is very difficult to acquire. If you are impatient and want to embark on a journey to become patient, then come on this boat of learning!

Techniques To Build And Improve Patience Level

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1. Remind Yourself That Things Won’t Always Work According To You

You need to constantly keep reminding yourself that it’s okay if everything does not work according to how you wish. We know that every individual is different and works differently. So, whenever something happens on the contrary of what you want, just tell yourself, ”It’s okay! That was my perspective and I should try things from everyone’s perspectives.”

2. Make Patience Your Goal For The Day When You Wake Up

The moment you wake up, feel happy that you are alive and able to feel another bright morning. And with this happy thought, tell yourself that, ”Goal of the day is PATIENCE!” And whenever someone makes you wait for long and do not reply, just tell yourself that, ”Éverybody has work in life,so it’s cool!”

3. Practice Yoga Or Meditation

Yoga and meditation can do great wonders. You won’t realise the benefits in the beginning but on the long run, the benefits and results will be more than just evident. Yoga will keep your mind healthy and keeps your mood fresh!

4. Think Before You Speak

Sometimes, because of your impatient behaviour, you might end up blurting out whatever comes in your mind first which in turn can hurt others. So, always think before you speak. Always imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes and then respond accordingly!

Simran Bhola
Simran Bhola
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