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This has no name


It was not them it was the soul which mingled them under the boon of the Ocean. 

This has no name

They never committed, but they devoted.

They were two stranger but they became so familiar of each other that they were no longer stranger.

They said let it be easy going but it became significant.

They pretended with other voice but now they are aware of unexpressed, UN heard voice”

They said they will laugh together.

But they cried together healing out there scar.

They begin with there names but now they don’t pronounce name of each other.

They accepted the truth.

But the truth didn’t accept them.

They knew they  are our not in each other destiny

 But they never knew that it was their destiny which choose them

they said ”we will not be attached”. But now they are unable to be detached.

They said so much. But now they don’t say much because they understand.

They knew it’s nothing, but know it is boundless .

You never express neither you say so .The words which I always instead you to say But now your “one word” says all the words whatever I want to Hear it is almost said.


There are still some relationships which still exits. You can say it’s less than friendship but more than love. Here is one of them.

This has no name

Sometimes some relationships can never be ended. Yes it’s true we feel to end it forever but the journey of love is so pleasant that you feel to escape but you can’t.

That‘s very true love stories and long distance relationship always stays better when they stay far  you know the value of it as ones you get it forever it becomes a burden.  It  is once you realize that it’s no more the same. It is hard to explain the feeling .

As the more you try to explain the more you will be hurt. But yes some people tend to be committed always as their words, promise, protection will always remain same forever.

Hum Tum 

This has no name


”At times he is cruel one but she is not afraid of him. Because she has been possessed from the word called love.

When will he understand it is transitory period as the darkness will go away very soon.

This has no name

‘A dimming light from the dark clouds only appears after the storm. He has forgotten but she will never forget as she promised her to love him till her last breath.’Yes now he has changed .But she will let him go once she finds the real him again. Yes it is also true there priority has changed .

 They knew that this will be end one or the other day.

She will never be the thorn of his life. He knows she will die if he survives like this and he can’t take this. It was he who said whatever happens just learn to be happy and everything will be fine one day.

 So funny it is to give lecture but its takes a lot of courage to implement. She did it. But she always scared  that when it will come to him he cannot take it.

As he is the best man and he deserves the best.

This has no name

He has become bitter person but she wants him to be better one.

‘Yes she is selfish because she catch hold of  the starfish’.

She also knows it’s just the sand which she is trying to hold and that is hurting him the most. But she says it is not blowing it is bowing in front of her. She knows its dead but she is the girl who will never give up that’s why she is she.

She is been praying since when that his quietness, his anxiety, his frustration just vanishes at a glimpse. It’s difficult for her to be as matured as he is. He knows she is innocent and that’s why he is so fond of her.

 She knows what does he goes through without her absence. As he always wants her presence.

Yes crying is her favorite job as he says. But she is keeping her promise as he hates her tears rolling down from her check.

 She is tired of smiling because she is hiding the tears which she can’t shred. He made her strong. But he should understand if she was like him then would he ever get the Precious Angel? As He named her on her 22nd Birthday which gave her the most precious gift called ‘Confidence’ and that day will always be remarkable for her.

She falls for him again and again by pondering this moment. He says God is there but she says you’re the one. I am having. She hears a lot for this but how can she forget those days ,those moments , those feelings and that day when he came and lifted her up from the graveyard which she was living in.

She will always be thankful to him for what ever he gave .

This has no name



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