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Improving time management

Time management

Most of us feel 24 hours is not enough time in a day to do everything. We often complain about not having enough time in a day to do anything. However we see people who seem to have it all sorted out. They seem to have time for everything be it work, family or have a bit of fun they have everything in their lives. We see them and envy them but do we stop to consider what makes them different from us.  They have the same time we have however they seem to be able to accomplish far more than we do. How do they do it? They have no special magic power. The answer is pretty simple. Effective time management is the key. They know how to manage their time so as to fit in perfectly with their lives.  We can do it to if only we manage do things in a little bit more organized fashion we can also achieve great results. Here are a few tips to improve your time management.

  • Make a schedule everyday

    time Management
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It is important to have a schedule every day. First thing in the morning or before you go to sleep the previous night make a  simple to do list of all the things you plan to do in a day. Allot proper time for everything and try sticking to it. It makes time management much easier and helps you allocate time for everything important.

  • Get rid of distractions

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If you are someone that gets distracted form the task in hand easily then get rid of all the distractions that are surrounding you. Like take down the TV in your office or do not open your personal e-mail at work. Also it is very important to try to not waste time gossiping at work. That is in fact the number one distraction in any office. Try to reduce your gossip time and you will find yourself having much more time in your hands to complete tasks.

  • Set deadlines and meet them

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It is very important to set deadlines for your important tasks. Try to finish your task always before the deadline. Also if there is already a deadline for the task set by your office or a similar environment finish the task before the deadline. That way you give yourself more time for reviewing the task or other work. You need to be sure to meet the deadlines often.

  • Stop getting stressed

stressedStress tends to make us worked up and decline concentration in the task at hand. It also makes the task take longer time then required so try to de stress yourself before taking up a task. Also work in a stress free environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Take breaks from work whenever necessary to reduce stress.

  • Start your day early

EARLYAs it is always said it is always better to start your day early. It keeps you fresh and gives you a lot of time to get things done throughout the day.


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