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Excuses for Not Doing exercise

Everyone wants to be fit and in shape, but achieving that requires time and dedication. But how many of us are actually ready to give what it takes? Not everyone wants a body like a fashion model. Some just want to be healthy. But Every day we find out innovative ways to avoid exercise. It’s something new every time. The following are just some of them. Now, if you are already in a habit of exercising regularly, this is not for you. You have already achieved what a lot of us are still trying to get. Still just read and enjoy this article.

I’ll Start from Tomorrow:

No, you won’t. This is the biggest lie you tell yourself. Unless its 2 O’ clock at night, act now! Every time you cannot lift a moderately heavy box, you feel miserable and think it is time to change. And you decide that you will start tomorrow. But that tomorrow never comes. Next day you have early classes in college, the following day you have an assignment to finish. The endless row of work weakens your determination. So, the best time to start is today, not tomorrow.

I Missed Exercise for Three Days, But I’ll Make It Up on Sunday:

You shouldn’t. Our body is not made like that, if you give too much pressure in one day, chances are, you are going to get too tired for everything for the next few days. Our body has a limit of withstanding wear and tear, and when you cross that limit you are in trouble. make a schedule that is comfortable for you to follow and then stick to it. You don’t need to work-out daily, few days a week is a great start. That’s better than being forced to stay in bed after hurting yourself by trying too hard.

Let Me Sleep a Little Longer:


Let us listen to the story of Mr. X. One day he wakes up at 6 o clock for a morning walk. then he thinks ‘’ it is still early; I’ll sleep for another thirty minutes.”. But when he’s finally awake it is 8 in the morning. Now, he is late for his office so he has to cancel that walk.

Is this story relatable to you? This has happened to all of us at some point of time. We promise ourselves that we will do something and then sleep gets in the way. Not going to sleep early makes us late risers, people who wake up early feel that they have more time for work compared to someone who stays awake till late at night. If you sleep early you are more likely to go through your daily workout routine.

I Don’t Have Time to Go to A Gym:

Well, you don’t need to. There are plenty of other options for you. You can try yoga, or you can opt for jogging. There are various activities like swimming that relaxes your mind while you burn your calories. You don’t even have to go outside. You can install an app in your smart phone and use that as our guide. Exercising can be enjoyed. So it’s no longer something you dread every morning.

I Am Exhausted by The End of The Day So I Had Enough Exercise:

Well, if you are a student or an office worker or anything else, even if you lie down all day, your body is going to get tired. There are two types of work, physical and mental. The work that requires your using brain can be as exhausting as actually moving your body. But that doesn’t burn the calories half as much. So, if your daily work involves a lot of sitting around on a chair, take time to exercise.

It’s Impossible to Follow a Diet In My Daily Life:


It is true that sometimes, what we eat all day is not exactly in our hand. the food that is prepared in your home, or the lunch you get from office, is not always ideal for you. But you can try a bit everyday to overcome that. Try to reduce the sugar content in your drinks i.e. tea, coffee, fruit juice, cold drinks etc.

Start from one meal every day, instead of eating oily fast food and snacks that makes you happy, try eating a fruit or fruit salad. Eat slowly so you can understand when you are full and can avoid those last few bites. If you are hungry at odd hours drink a glass of water instead. As you already know, water is your best friend.

That was all for now.  There are probably hundreds of more reasons (read excuses) for you to not to try. But think of the moment when you try a branded shirt from the shelf of the store and your belly fat is nowhere to be soon. Or think of the beautiful red dress you couldn’t buy because it made your arms look fat. Aim for the next festive season or your birthday, and start your quest for a fit body. If your body is not habituated to this, make sure you start with a low pace, otherwise your muscles will be sore the next day and your will for working out will fade very soon. When you are fit, you feel great inside. That makes you smile more and that in turn makes you more likeable to others. You do want that, don’t you?


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