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Yoga : The Cure To All Diseases

Yoga is an ancient Indian way of life. Yoga “is derived from the Sanskrit word ” yuj “, which means” add “. The great text of yoga is called “Patanjali Yoga” in Yoga about philosophy. It is said in the Gita – “Yoga: Karmasu Kaushalma” – that is, (work or skill in deeds is Yoga).

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a practice done in a disciplined manner to achieve a goal. Yoga is a technical way to control the body and mind. As we do yoga, our relationship with our mind, body, and soul becomes stronger and our life becomes simple and positive. Yoga is a means of ensuring overall health and physical fitness. The wonderful thing about yoga is that its positive effect on health and mind appears over time.

It is a drug without the actual use of medicines. And it also has no side effects.

The biggest advantage of Yoga is that it has no harm. It has hundreds of benefits, which scientists and physicians have accepted. The incurable diseases of thousands of people have been removed by yoga. The biggest thing is that it is a natural method that connects us with nature. The power of yoga is less as it is written because its experience is amazing which cannot be described by words.

So, let’s know some of the benefits we could derive from doing Yoga.

Anxiety relief

Anxiety, fear, tension – If we begin to meditate on experiences related to these emotions, then we may forget about the number. Whether there is a concern about the results of your board exam, or the parent’s reaction to the report card, the first meeting or interview, everyone tends to panic – we’ve all been through these moments. Fear is as important as salt is for the food, so that we remain disciplined, focused and dynamic. The problem begins when this fear continues to dominate and interfere in our daily lives. Because this may take the form of an anxiety disorder, excessive discomfort, or fear of some unknown thing, which is necessary to treat, and here Yoga is useful. A few minutes of yoga throughout the day gives relief from day-to-day anxiety.  Not only physical but also mental anxieties. Yoga, pranayama, and meditation are the effective ways of removing stress.

Peace of the heart

Yoga : The Cure To All Diseases

We all like to walk on peaceful, beautiful and natural places. When we feel that this peace is inside us, we can experience this small holiday anytime in the day. This small holiday with yoga and meditation is the best way to calm your mind full of anxiety.

Due to breathing in the full form of yoga and concentrating on the inks of equilibrium, the brain cools down and the body is balanced. Due to this, we work from both parts of our brain, which facilitates internal communication, which we may not be able to achieve through daily activities. Yoga can help you to balance your thinking and creativity in parts of creativity.

Weight loss

Yoga : The Cure To All Diseases

What do most of the people want is weight loss. Yoga is very beneficial for a person who wants to lose weight. Surya Namaskar and Kapalabhati Pranayama bring for you the same benefit and reduce the weight. Apart from this, yoga regularly teaches us what kind of food we should eat because some types of yoga advise you to control diet as well. If you also adopt the right diet with Yoga, then it will greatly benefit you. It affects your entire body muscles. This expands in the correct proportion of nutritious elements in our whole body. This improves our metabolic rate. With this, you spend more calories. This reduces your weight and makes you look younger than before. Further, it brings an acceleration in your skin and makes your skin glowing.

Promote Whole Health


Good health is not only to stay away from diseases but to have a balance between your mind and emotions. Yoga gives you complete health, by not only removing diseases, but it makes you dynamic, happy and enthusiastic. You are then completely healthy by not only being physically but mentally and emotionally healthy. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, “Health does not mean that there is no absence of disease, it is the mobility of life that tells you how happy you are, love and energy.”

Improve Heart’s Health

Cardiovascular diseases have become commonplace nowadays. At the age of 30, these diseases begin to surround people. Our lifestyles have become lethargic. It has increased the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Yoga is such an exercise, which shows the cardinal effect in improving cardio health. Yoga helps control our beats by controlling the breathing process. There is less emphasis on the heart even in the hard work. Yoga brings more oxygen to our blood, it keeps the heart healthy.

Better circulation

Yoga : The Cure To All Diseases

There is a better circulation in the body than yoga due to the different types of yoga postures and breathing movements. Better circulation helps in better circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the body. By which the skin and internal organs remain healthy.
Yoga also increases the blood flow in our body, due to which the body gets more oxygen and the body keeps energy and freshness and in heart disease, yoga is also beneficial and protects you from heart stroke.

Enhance beauty

With physical health, yoga can also be used to enhance facial beauty. Yoga also contributes significantly to reduce acne and dull skin and making hair beautiful. Apart from these, there are many benefits of yoga. Different postures of yoga are beneficial in the prevention of different diseases.

Back Pain

In recent years, awareness about yoga has made it famous all over the world. Yoga helps in resilience and strength, which helps in removing problems like back pain and joint pain. People who have to work on the table or have to drive for a long time should do yoga regularly because it provides relief from spinal cord pressure and stiffness. Along with this, it improves your structure so that pain caused by bad posture can be avoided.

Yoga : The Cure To All Diseases

Someone great once said “Health is Wealth” that means ‘there is no wealth greater than health’. So start yoga from today because tomorrow will never come. Believe that within a few days you will begin to feel the change in your life.

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