Dress for your body type

Body Type

Very few girls in this world are blessed with a body that just looks perfect in any dress they wear. All of us at some point or other have worn a very unflattering dress to an event or a party and felt very bad about it later. Usually most of us have to have to choose a dress that matches our body type correctly. In fact choosing the right dress for your body can make or break your look.  To choose the right dress can actually make you look more attractive and appealing. There is a common misconception that fuller bodied girls are the only ones that are supposed to choose diligently. There are numerous thin girls that want to appear more curvy . So it is important to know your body type and choose the right dress for it. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right outfit.fasion

Color matters the most:

The color of the dress is the most important choice that you have to make for your dress. If you are top heavy use dark colors on the top and bright patterned color skirts or pants to invite attention to your better parts. Bright colors tend to accentuate the area that you intend to enhance your right body so choose the colors wisely.

Dress up your bust

If you feel that you have small breasts and want to add volume to the area wear embellished and sequined dresses. If you want to draw attention to your bust you can really experiment with the neckline by trying a plunging or a deep V neckline that tends to show off your assets. If you want to really add some good appeal without drawing attention to your breasts you can go backless that really turns up the heat. Always remember that whatever you wear confidence is key.

Show off those legs:

If you have pears shaped body then it is always better to wear dresses above the knee like A -line skirts or short dresses. If your legs are killer then why not show them off?  You can even add drama to your dress with slits and cuts in the bottom but remember that they usually work better on hourglass figures.fashion2

Accessories matter:

You can add a lot of flair to your dress by accessorizing it right. Like wearing a belt with a loose top really gives your body the shape it needs or wearing a really big necklace to draw attention away from your breasts. Sometimes even the right coat or the jacket on top can make all the difference your dress needs and even add volume to your dress.

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