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Sometimes we feel that nothing is going in the way it should be and sometimes we blame our self for every little thing that went wrong with us. Wherever there is light, there would be a shadow of a body which would be right behind it. Though being alone and solving our problems by ourselves is helpful sometimes but making this a habit may turn a person into a complete introvert. If you too feel alone and depressed then following things will surely help you to get out of it.

  • Start your day with yoga and tea.

depressionKick start you day with few yoga exercises and a green tea afterwards. Yoga has immense power to boost up your metabolism, blood circulation, immunity etc. If you start your day with a cup of green tea, believe it or not you will surely feel enthusiastic for the entire day. Green tea is rich in oxidants which help us to feel fresh. If your morning is good then surely your day would also be.    

  • Don’t get too busy with work.

depressionAlthough, most of us have a busy schedule for the entire day but being busy every second can make our social life worst. One should interact with his/her colleagues or else take a minute and walk around. It is proven scientifically that walking can actually make us feel better when we feel are in mental stress.

  • Take a nap in the afternoon.

depressionTaking a nap for an hour or half can actually refresh our mood. If you feel that you should take a nap then you must go for it. If you work in office, plug in your earphones, play your favorite track, close your eyes, stretch back and relax for a while (but make sure that your boss is not on inspection).

  • Don’t isolate yourself socially.

depressionTry to connect with people around you. Don’t be or pretend to be an introvert. Talk to those people with whom you are comfortable with. Share your thoughts, views and ask for their opinion if you get struck somewhere. Instead of being active on social media, be active in the real world. Having too many friends is great but having a friend who cares about you and is there to help you whenever you need is important. Choose friends wisely because your energy level depends upon the energy of people around you.

  • Develop a hobby.

5If you like playing guitar, dancing, singing, swimming, drawing, walking or doing anything that makes you feel good then make it your hobby. Create a space in your schedule for the things you like to do.

  • Talk to your parents.

depressionIf you feel that whatever happening to you is all new and nobody has ever suffered from it ever then you are wrong. Your parent have gone through same situations what you are encountering right now. Respect them and share everything with them. Ask for their advice. No matter what your age is and how complex your situation is, they will surely provide you a way to come out of it.

  • Listen to music.

depressionNo matter if it is Coldplay, One Direction, Eminem or even Justin bieber. Plug in your earphones and sing along with whoever or whatever you like to hear. Stand in front of a mirror and sing and dance on your favorite track. This would surely cheer you up whenever you feel low.

  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs.

alcholThese things does not help and never will in recovering from depression. Avoid consuming alcohol or drugs because they make conditions worst. If you have a fire inside you then alcohol will only rise the flames.

  • Don’t blame yourself for everything.

depressionWe human beings do mistakes every time. Whether you take an example of Einstein, Newton or even the greatest human ever born (beside me (that’s a joke (never mind))), no one is perfect. Don’t blame yourself for things you did with good intentions but they turned to be bad for someone. Think hundred times before you act and then never think about it for a single moment after doing it.

  • Leave the habit of sleeping late night.

Believe it or not late night sleeping causes a lot of mental stress and pressure. Quit the habit of using your phones or laptops for late night. Create your timetable wisely and get a proper sleep of 8 hours a day. Along with this drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Harsh Gaur
Harsh Gaur
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