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All about our heart

Can you work continuously for one day???? Ok, if you are saying ‘YES’, then wait, I will change my question. Can you work continuously for one month without even one minute break????

Now, your answer is definitely ‘NO’. But there is one who will never say no. It is the symbol of love. It is the reason of your sonorous heart beats. It is our pumping heart.

Heart is the important part of our body. It will work for you till your last breath without complaining. Even any non-living object needs care and yes, heart also needs it. It seems our heart is not getting proper care and it is getting tired now. Today, millions of people are heart patients and the number is increasing at alarming rate. ‘Congenital heart disease‘ makes this condition worst. We need to be more alert, more aware about the changing conditions around us.

If we are talking about heart, then I have to clear the misconception that people commonly have about ‘heart attack’ and ‘heart failure‘. Mostly people think that these both are the same but the story is different. They are not the same. Heart attack happens when the heart muscle begins to die due to blockage of the oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle. Heart failure is the condition in which the heart is not able to pump enough blood to meet the body’s need.

Of course, there are many reasons behind unhealthy condition of our heart. A chronically stressful life, social isolation, depression, lacks of exercise, being overweight increase the risk factors. Ignorance of the warning signs is the main reason which leads to the uncontrollable conditions. Today’s generation wants to explore everything. They want to try everything. Yes, it is not wrong but making it addiction is wrong. Having one to two alcohol drinks may cause reduction in heart diseases but beyond this, it will damage your heart. Smoking will damage your heart and lungs both. These conditions need to be getting correct.

If will not change our routine in favour of our heart’s good health, then the conditions will become more dangerous. We need to lower the risk factors. We need to take some immediate steps. We need to create awareness among people. If we will continue to sleep, then the condition can come when each family might have a heart patient as their member.


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