Folk Dance

Folk Dance

India is a country where cultural diversity is celebrated at every occasion. Every state has a different language, different culture and a different dance form which is very personal to it. It’s not like that no other state performs the folk dance of other ones. But, the unique folk dance is the identity of its respective state. We can see a great impact of westernized culture on today’s youth. But, even the lash of modernization couldn’t eliminate the importance of folk dance forms.

India is a country where you can find dance for every occasion, be it celebrations, thanksgiving, worship, everything. The list is very long but I am going to enlist five folk dance forms here. Save the rest for later.

 Jhumur nach


A very adorable dance form from Assam. Performers need to keep their best foot forward to perform this form of dance, I mean it requires a precise foot work. Dancers keep tune with Madal beats, a drum like instrument.

Karma or Munda

Folk Dance

Munda dance form got its name from karma tree. We can proudly call it a nature loving art as it gets started with the plantation of trees. A circle is formed by men and women, holding each other’s waists. Starting slowly, the dance keeps gaining momentum till the end on the beats of dhol.


Folk Dance

Kuchipudi dance got this name from a village of Krishna district in Divi Taluka. It is one of the most popular dance form in Andhra Pradesh state.


RonPorter / Pixabay

Whenever we talk about Punjab, things that come to our mind are sarson da saaf, makki di Roti  and of course Bhangra.

Bhangra is a symbol of joy and enthusiasm. The energetic moves of bhangra will make you very much willing to groove. Bhangra is performed on all the auspicious occasion of Sikhs.

Garba- Raas

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We also know this as dandiya

Raas. Garba is a Gujrati dance art. It is one of those dance forms which has its impact world wide, especially in USA. This is practiced usually in navratri celebrations. Many interesting competitions are held every year.

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