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11 ways to become successful YouTuber in 2020

Youtube has achieved a lot of success in the last 4-5 years. It is the second largest search engine that provides great video content. Another way of making money along with your passion. Youtubers have the tendency to make a millionaire out of mediocre. Every single person who has some startup venture has a dream to become youtuber once in a life. Youtube can provide you to take your message to the audience by different mediums. Making youtube videos are the medium to give life to your passions to your skills. Moreover, it is a very cool way to get in touch with your audience. Youtube is not as simple as you think, as you need to give your audience fresh and updated content because the list of your competitors is not small.

So if you are willing to become youtuber here, we will discuss 11 ways to become successful youtuber in 2020

Choose your channel name

A channel can be an easy process, but giving an appropriate name to your channel can be tricky as channel name really depicts the quality and aspects of the content which you will give. It doesn’t mean your channel name is “my cook show,” but on the other hand, you are creating content on technology that makes no sense. The Channel name should be in accordance with the content delivered.

Work on your content and goals

What type of content you are offering to your audience matters a lot. Your content depends on the various factors like your videography, your voice, the animations used inside, and many more things. You should keep yourself aware regarding the content quality should not be compromised. Even it just a video for the audience but on the other hand you are making your brand. Working on the content means riding the wave. Don’t deviate from your goals.

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Put relevant keywords for your video title

Proper keywords in the title of the video directly affect the number of people who are searching for particular content. This can be achieved by working on the meta data that means you must define proper keywords, tags, best description, and title. If keywords are appropriate, then your videos will be easily discoverable. Some tools are so useful in helping you in keyword management like Google trends and Youtube trends. These tools aid you in knowing proper keyword, and you will also be able to understand how to promote your youtube channel.

Work on the thumbnails

Rightly said by someone, “The first impression is the last impression”. Here it comes up with the thumbnails that you are going to add in your video. You are thinking, is it really matters? Yes, it is.The audience watches out firstly thumbnails when they search out any video. Thumbnail can impact your video watching rate to a great extent. So you should be mindful regarding your thumbnail selection. There are so many apps and also they are free to use that offers to design a unique and eye-catching thumbnail that insists people watch your videos.

Set up your schedule

You should be consistent in posting the videos on your channel. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense if you won’t achieve success in youtube but you are posting a video once in a month. Setting up a schedule here refers to making videos regularly and mark the days in a week when you will be going to post it. It not only increase your subscribers but also helps in promoting your channel. People will know that your video will come on Monday; every Monday, they will be eager to watch it out. But if you are not working regularly, the chances people feel disconnected with your channel. So be regular in posting the videos.

Try affiliate marketing

When your subscriber list reaches a particular level, and your channel is working pretty good, different brands start approaching you for promoting their products and services. This helps you in making extra income as well. In affiliate marketing, sponsors gives you a chance to improve the services and products, and you will get paid for that.

Make collaboration with other youtubers

Did you ever noticed that some youtubers appear in the channel of the other youtubers? Why are they doing so? The main reason behind that is they are reaching a step closer to their audience. Suppose if A youtuber has 1k subscribers and B youtuber has 3k subscribers, by working in a collaboration, that means by making a single video and posting on both the channels will help in increasing their subscriber list as the subscriber of channel A also watch the same video and vice-versa. So this thing helps in increasing their networking by attracting a portion of the audience to both sides.

Go with trends in the digital world

It moves on the principal of being trendy and updated. Obsolete knowledge can destroy your move, so it’s very important to fill your mind and content with freshness. Working on current trends will helps you in making your channel successful and popular among the masses. It would help if you stayed in touch with the niche in which you are working.

Embrace your audience

It is the key to success in youtube, so it is very much necessary that you stay connected with your audience. I mean, you need to interact with them. If people are commenting on your youtube videos, give them responses either by liking their comment or by giving a reply to their comment. In this way, the audience starts loving you, and you can become their favorite youtuber. Ignore hate comments and avoid giving rude responses to the audience. These things impact your subscriber rate a lot.

Don’t stretch your videos

You need to understand the psychology of the audience. Most of the people often don’t like long videos as they find it irrelevant in watching too long content, and they assume it too bored if the video are lengthy. So try to give the entire content in just a simple short video, it will make a connection between you and your audience and surely eliminates boredom as well.

Promote your youtube channel

The channel can be proven as a great hit if you promote it on other social media platforms like instagram, Facebook, snapchat, tiktok, and twitter. Youtube is not a single medium to promote your channel; you can connect with more audience on other media as well. This will increase your market value, and you will achieve success as youtuber.


Efforts make you not only proficient but also helps you to stand out from the crowd. Digital media has provided us a lot of opportunities to start and establish our career. Youtube is the excellent platform to start your career. It gives chances to everyone and has provided a facility to work as a boss. In this blog, we have discussed 11 ways to be successful youtuber in 2020. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Palvi Soni
Palvi Soni
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