Add a Whimsical Touch to Your Home with These Home Decor Items

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Home is a lot more than a space we stay in; it reflects the kind of a person we are. We know the basic things that make every room in a home complete. However, apart from a sofa, bed, dining table, what other things can you consider? 

A living room filled with furniture and vase on a table

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Well, there are a lot of captivating and cosmopolitan home décor items that make our home look elegant and beautiful. Be it the kind of wall paints we have, or the number of sculptures or showpieces – each and everything adds a different vibe to your home. With the massive number of choices, one has all the reasons to indulge in the best home décor items

Here are a few home décor items that will add the air of elegance to your home.

Test Tube Vase

A wooden table

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A flower vase makes your home look very sophisticated. If you wish to add a bit of funkiness to it, then your search ends with this set of test tube vase. The test tube vase is washed up in the colour of morning rays of sunshine and is made of brass. Add water to the test tube vase and top it up with some fresh flowers and ta-da! This stunning vase is sure to be a conversation starter in your home. 

Beaufort Airplane

It is one of those home décor items that can quickly perk up an otherwise dull room. This Beaufort Aeroplane gives your home an antique look. It is made of Sheesham wood with a trace of nickel in it. With this home décor item, let all your dreams and aspiration reach great heights like an aeroplane. Who’d ever thought that home décor could be this enticing? 

Vintage Papaya Frames

Nothing screams minimal décor like classic frames adorning the walls of your living room. Frames are considered as one of the best home décor items because they are effortless to keep. There is no need for any additional care when it comes to frames. Get hold of this tropical papaya tree printed frame that has an antique finish to it. So, when looking to revamp your interiors, you can flaunt your walls in style with these frames. 

Seagrass Belly Basket

Want to smear your centre table with some fun? Look at this enchanting fibre basket! The advantage of having this basket goes beyond just beautifying the room. You can hold papers, mails and magazines in it. The basket is made up of natural fibre, and it adds a nice touch of grace to your centre table or study table. The pattern of the basket is inspired by the makeshift homes of the banjara community of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. 

Anaras Jar

It only takes a few minutes to create a lasting impression on the guests. Let your exclusive home interiors include these pineapple jars that are waiting to be admired. This cosmopolitan one of a kind home décor and will leave no room for any other adornment. It is made of earthenware ivory and is moulded to perfection.  Adding class with a sprinkle of fun to your living space, this is one of our top picks.

You can shop classy home décor items from premium brands like Nicobar. With brands like this, it is not about investing in expensive items, rather rare items. So, whenever in need to reform your home with some unique and bewitching décor items, you know where to shop. So, go on and get bookmarking this article right away! 

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