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Top 5 Best Exercises to overcome PCOD or PCOS problems in Women.

Motherhood ….. most beautiful feelings in the World. A pleasant experience beyond which there is no happiness in the world. After becoming a mother it seems as if the whole world has merged into a small life.

Motherhood means the beginning of a new life, a new surprise, new hope, and many new dreams… But sometimes some women cannot take this pleasure. Which has many reasons? Infertility is a big curse for such women.

Millions of women worldwide suffer from PCOD or PCOS. Irregular periods and constant weight gain can be symptoms of PCOD or PCOS. PCOD or PCOS is a hormonal disorder that causes small cysts to grow on the edges of the ovaries and also affects their fertility in women.

PCOD or PCOS is a hormonal disorder that can reduce your chances of becoming pregnant. Doctor advice and treatment is necessary to deal with this condition.

If you’re wondering how to get pregnant with PCOD or PCOS, then you’ve come to the right place. This problem can also be due to genetic reasons. Irregular periods are common in PCOD or PCOS. This may include symptoms such as infertility, irregular periods, pimples on the face or excess hair.

It can increase the level of androgen hormones in women. In women, there is a risk of conceiving from pregnancy to infertility due to PCOD or PCOS.

Top 5 Best Exercises to overcome PCOD or PCOS problems in Women.

This is how PCOD can begin.

•              Irregular periods at a young age, loss of periods, hair loss

•              In the Reproductive Age Group, women go through fertility issues.

•              PCOD is one of the main causes of infertility in women.

•              Hirsutism – The growth of hair on the face, chest, abdomen, thumbs on the back, or toes.

•              Cysts in Owerri can also give stain spots and oily face or dandruff.

•              It can also cause complaints of obesity and weight gain.

•              Hair loss or thinning.

•              Spots on the neck, arms, chest, thighs, etc.

Changes in lifestyle, not exercising, eating habits, pollution, stress, and inability to maintain balance in work and personal life are among the major reasons in POCD due to hypertension, diabetes mellitus, uterine cancer probability or cardiovascular Problems related to it are also likely to occur. PCOD engages 17 percent of Indian women in India.

Some diet advice to stay healthy and decrease PCOD or PCOS related issues :

•              Do not eat processed food or high sugar foods

•              Eat more grains, include fruits, vegetables, etc. in your diet. “This reduces the amount of sugar in the blood, which helps insulin to function better and keeps your hormones stable. A 10 percent reduction in weight is also your period cycle. It can be regularized.

•              Avoid foods with high sugar. Remember that the problem of excess sugar comes from eating processed cereals in soft drinks, cookies, cakes, chocolate, sweets, and snacks.

•              Do not eat foods made of fructose corn syrup etc.

•              Vegetables must be eaten 5 times a day.

•              Do not eat any kind of processed food like white flour, pasta, canned cereal, etc.

•              For protein, you have to eat whole grain.

•              Fiber keeps sugar in the blood of the body. Daytime tries to eat at least 25 to 30 grams of fiber.

•              Furthermore, protein also controls blood sugar. Fish, organic eggs, lean red meat, organic chicken, grains, etc. are some of the main sources of protein.

•              What type of fat is in your diet is also helpful in maintaining the correct amount of insulin in the body. Essential fatty acids are present in cold-water fish, organic eggs, avocados, virgin olive oil, nuts, etc.

•              Keep in mind that you consume these things daily, between the morning and afternoon.

•              Eat fruits, nuts, seeds, yogurt, etc. Carefully

In a study published in the Asian Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers revealed that anovulation is the main cause of infertility in women suffering from PCOD or PCOS, a condition where your ovaries fail to release eggs during a menstrual period. ‘ PCOD or PCOS’ can make pregnancy difficult for women.

Several studies have said that regular exercise and some exercise can boost fertility in women living with this hormonal disorder. This is because workouts help you overcome obesity, which is closely associated with PCOD or PCOS.

In addition, obesity can cause an imbalance in hormones. So, let’s know which workouts you can do to increase your fertility. Here I mentioned the “Top 5 Best Exercises to overcome PCOD or PCOS problems in Women”.

1) Get up in the morning and do the Morning Walk

Top 5 Best Exercises to overcome PCOD or PCOS problems in Women.

 Have you tried the morning walk before? If not, start going. You will be really surprised that only half an hour’s morning walk will fill your freshness. It not only cures PCOD but also cures serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease can also be avoided.

Morning walks are considered important for mental and physical health. The first watch of the day is pleasant and less polluted, which calms and energizes your mind. Which is very much important in PCOD or PCOS cases. Walking helps you in physical exercise, which helps you stay healthy throughout the day.

If you start your day by walking for some time or taking a light morning walk. This improves your blood circulation and will ensure your fertility. According to one study, it was discovered that women with PCOD or PCOS can significantly improve their fertility by walking and jogging.

Also, treat arthritis and osteoporosis, Relief from depression Depression is counted among the biggest diseases of this time, cardiovascular health, Diabetes control, Cancer prevention, Increases brain efficiency, Help in weight loss, and, Immune system is strong.

2) Try To Swim

Top 5 Best Exercises to overcome PCOD or PCOS problems in Women.

 Swimming is an effective exercise to increase fertility. In fact, there is no direct connection between these two, this exercise helps you in increasing your blood circulation. It indirectly improves your ability to conceive. Apart from this, it is considered to be one of the best exercises for you to lose weight. According to the Fertility Society of Australia estimates, swimming 30 minutes every day of the week can help you increase your fertility.

Moderate exercise like swimming is a great activity that can help with PCOS and PCOD. This type of exercise increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin, which reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. You will get numerous health benefits after doing swimming. So, it is also easy on the joints and best of all you don’t have to sweat.

3) Add Strength training in your daily routine

Top 5 Best Exercises to overcome PCOD or PCOS problems in Women.

 The best exercise for PCOS is strength training. Suppose you are suffering from PCOS and PCOD and also wish to feel better, look better and become more confident then must try strength training. It will support you as nothing else can, all you have to do is keep showing up and trying your best.

Insulin resistance is at the heart of many PCOD or PCOS symptoms. which may include cravings, out of control hunger, fatigue, weight loss resistance and, wonky hormones, This training may improve insulin resistance using 3 different mechanisms:

1) Muscle cells are one of the body’s main consumers of glucose. It used to grow more muscle cells which may help to keep your blood sugar level at a healthy level.

2) Exercise makes muscle cells more sensitive to insulin. The result? Your pancreas needs to produce less insulin to keep your metabolism running smoothly.

3) A recent research study found that exercise changes the expression of genes that are thought to cause PCOS-related insulin resistance.

4)  Strength training lowers male hormones in women with PCOS.

5)  Strength training prevents weight loss plateaus.

Strength training not only helps strengthen your muscles but also relieves stress. Stress is one of the major factors behind infertility. In fact, many studies have said that when you do strength training and weight lifting, it is good for your muscle strength and tension. Therefore, regular strength training can help women get rid of reproductive problems.

4) Try to do Zumba Exercise

Top 5 Best Exercises to overcome PCOD or PCOS problems in Women.

 This exercise is also very much helpful to overcome PCOD and PCOS problems in Women.  As you know that your obesity can affect your fertility to a great extent. Therefore it is important that you exercise regularly to reduce your weight.

This dance comes in an aerobics category. Performing this dance, a lot of jumping has to be done. As a result, your lungs start moving loudly. By making it regular, the chances of getting diseases like PCOD or PCOS, heart disease, obesity, thyroid, etc. are reduced.

Dance exercise proves to be very beneficial for staying healthy. This is an exercise through which you can keep yourself fit and fresh. Often people work hard to keep themselves fit. But the fun of dance exercise in a fun-filled style is different. Dance reduces the weight, maintaining the state of the heart and lungs.

It also reduces the risk of diseases like osteoporosis by keeping the muscles of the meat healthy. After that, dance also helps in bringing agility and suppleness in the body.

For this, you can choose some good options, one of them is Zumba Exercise. This is an activity for which you do not even need to go to the gym. If you like to dance, then Zumba may be a good option for you. This will help you lose weight and increase your chances of getting pregnant while you can do this exercise with fun.

5) Try to do Yoga at Morning but especially during the early morning.

Top 5 Best Exercises to overcome PCOD or PCOS problems in Women.

 The science of yoga works on us at a fine and deep level. Yoga removes the tension buried inside our bodies. So, they also treat symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome. PCOS and PCOD disease are cured by practicing yoga regularly. Because stress is the main reason behind it. Therefore, practicing yoga brings mental peace and our body is also healthy.

Yoga is considered very beneficial to stay healthy and happy. This will help balance the hormonal balance resulting from PCOD. This will improve blood flow to your pelvic area. In addition, it also improves your overall health along with eliminating stress and increases your chances of getting pregnant.

Special yogasana’s of polycystic ovarian syndrome open the pelvic area and provide relief. The mind can be easily calmed by Pranayama. Finally, with these two things, you can also meditate, which will free your body and mind from stress and poisonous substances.

7 yoga asanas for the polycystic ovarian syndrome :

1) Butterfly (Pose)  Asanas

It can prove to be extremely beneficial in correcting the problem of PCOS. But, do not move your feet too much while doing this. Try to remain in this posture for a long time.

2) Supta Badhakonasana

Supta Badhakonasana is a very good asana to correct the problem of PCOS. This posture is done like a butterfly pose but the only difference is that it is done by easy lying down, so it is very comfortable as well. In addition, this asana can also be performed with good music and by placing a pillow under your hips.

3) Bharadvajasana

In Bhardwajasana, spinal muscles are pulled, which is very good for PCOS patients.

4) Chakki Chalanasana

Chakkichalasana (This posture seems similar to running a mill.) This is a very easy asana and has many benefits. It massages the uterus, ovaries, kidneys and other body parts and makes them healthy.

5) Shavasana

In addition, it is also a major asana that can be done to correct the problem of the polycystic ovarian syndrome. The more you relax in this posture, the healthier you will feel. To relax from perfection, this asana should be done at the end of yoga practice.

6) Padma Sadhana

It is a very good method for patients with the polycystic ovarian syndrome.

7) Surya Namaskar

Similarly, to lose weight, you can do Surya Namaskar at a fast pace but try to do some Surya Namaskar visits at a slow pace daily so that your body can get rest.

You can try asanas like Bhramari Pranayama, Vipritakarni, Paschimottanasan and Bhujangasana to boost fertility.

Note: All this yoga should be done according to the instructions of any trained Yoga instructor. Yogasanas which put more pressure on the lower abdomen should not be done. Note that in every posture, do not forget to relax.

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