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Sweets of kaju

Kaju Gujia

In Indian society the tiny sized sweet gujia is very much popular for its extraordinary sugariness. Now, Bhikharam Chandmal has enhanced the taste of the sugary taste of the sweet lot more adding kaju to it and thus making it Kaju Gujia. And nothing to say that as well as it has appeared in the stores of Bhikharam Chandmal, it has already entered into the favorite list of many people.

The Kaju Gujia not only consist cashew nuts but also other dry fruits like pistachios and almond are added to make the sweet more delicious. So with every bite of the tiny sweet, you can be sure to get the unforgettable taste of all the dry fruits. That’s why some pieces of Kaju Gujia from the stores of Bhikharam Chandmal can be your perfect dessert after the lunch.

Kaju Jalebi

While listing the word Jalebi, the picture of a luscious sweet, drenched in sugar juice is sure to come in everyone’s mind. But your idea can surely change after entering into the stores of Bhikharam Chandmal and having the delicious taste of the Kaju Jalebi that you will get nowhere but in these sores only.

The Kaju Jalebi is a very much acclaimed sweet from the stores of Bhikharam Chandmal and one of the greatest examples of the innovative and exceptional ideas of them as they have given the conventional sweet a totally different taste adding cashew nuts and other dry fruits to it. So definitely you will be able to taste something like never before while tasting the Kaju Jalebi of Bhikharam Chandmal.

Kaju pan

In India a number of people enjoy the delight to have a pan after lunch. The particular type of leaf not only brings you a relaxation but also contains various qualities. But now the time has come when you can enjoy the totally different Kaju pan made by only Bhikharam Chandmal.

It would be not wrong to say that the Kaju pan of Bhikharam Chandmal has brought a revolution in the world of sweet as it is a combination of various types of spices along with cashew nuts that work as to provide the real touch of a betel leaf. So from the next time after completing your lunch, don’t forget to try the Kaju pan of Bhikharam Chandmal once.

Badam Pista Barfi

Another unique creation of Bhikharam Chandmal in their long list of various types of sweets is Badam Pista Barfi. The sweet is sure to make you delighted with its exceptional taste. The specialty of the sweet is the two layers of it that can bring you two types of different tastes in one sweet. The first layer is made of pistachios and the second layer is of kheer. Hence as well as entering in your mouth the Badam Pista Barfi of Bhikharam Chandmal will provide an awesome taste like you have never tasted before. And the almond toppings are there to add some extra flavor to it make it more delicious. So whenever you greet your guests from the next time, don’t forget to place a Badam Pista Barfi of Bhikharam Chandmal in their plate.

Kaju Sandwich

The perfect choice for the lovers of sweet is the excellent sweet Kaju Sandwich made only by Bhikharam Chandmal. There is nothing to say that sandwich is a favorite food item of many people but in the stores of Bhikharam Chandmal, you will get to know it entirely otherwise when you will taste the awesome Kaju Sandwich.

This sweet not only looks unique rather it is also heavier in quantity than other sweets. Thus this particular sweet can be your best choice at the time of your hunger. The triangle shaped Double Decker sweet contains a stuffing of saffron and other dry fruits specially cashew nuts in it which makes the Kaju Sandwich so special. Now don’t get late to try the unique type of sandwich only from the stores of Bhikharam Chandmal.

Badam Bake

Like many other food items Bhikharam Chandmal has brought revolution in the field of sweet also and such an perfect example of this revolution is Badam Bake which has surprised almost everyone for its exclusivity.

The Badam Bake just not looks different than any other sweet rather it is really a perfect example of the innovative recipes of the Bhikharam Chandmal as it is actually a cookie that is made of totally Indian process and using purely Indian ingredients like almond, cashew nuts, pistachios and others and that is the main reason of the exceptionality of the cookie. So whenever you want to try something different from the conventional sweets, you must step into the stores of Bhikharam Chandmal to have the unique piece of sweet that is Badam Bake.

Badam Lotus

The vey name of the sweet itself suggests its exceptionality. Not only in name but also in appearance also a piece of Badam Lotus in the stores of Bhikharam Chandmal is sure to draw your attention. This particular type of sweet is really an exceptional item in sweets as along with a rare design it also contains a unique taste.

The Badam Lotus of Bhikharam Chandmal can be also the first choice of sweet lovers for its comparatively larger size than other sweets and the inside portion of the four-cornered sweet contains such a delicious taste that comes from the stuffing of cashew nuts, nuts and other things is sure to mesmerize you. Hence from the next time don’t forget to include a piece of Badam Lotus made only by Bhikharam Chandmal in the plates of your guests.

Dry Fruits Ladoo

Everyone is well aware about the helpfulness of dry fruits to one’s health. And now-a-days there would be hard to find anyone who is not conscious about his/her health. And keeping in mind the demand of present generation Bhikharam Chandmal has brought the unique piece of sweet Dry Fruits Ladoo.

Just like its name the sweet is also exceptional and unique as it is a type of ladoo that is made of mixing various types of dry fruits. The Dry Fruits Ladoo contains cashew nuts, nuts, almonds, pistachios and other things and obviously one will get to enjoy the awesome taste of the sweet only in the stores of Bhikharam Chandmal. Hence those who care for being slim and trim also can have some pieces of Dry Fruits Ladoo of Bhikharam Chandmal without thinking twice.


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