8 common mistakes you make while following a keto diet meal plan

A keto diet meal plan consists of diets extremely low or lacking in carbohydrates pushing the body into a state of ketosis. The process of ketosis includes burning of the body fats when sufficient glucose is not available, and thus, breaking down the fatty acids into ketone bodies. It is not very easy to follow a proper keto meal plan right from the beginning. This is the reason why beginners often fall prey to the ‘not-to-do’ checklist of the keto diet meal plan.

If you have decided to go on an honest ketogenic diet, then you must follow a proper keto meal plan, as the opposite can lead to serious consequences at a mental and physical level.  Increase in weight, headache, irregular menstruation, lowering of metabolism and increased risk of diabetes and heart problems are some of the health risks associated with an improper keto diet meal plan. As this diet demands a lot of struggle and changes in your lifestyle, there might be several reasons for your keto meal plan going wrong. So take a look at some of the common keto mistakes I have listed below, which you might make while following a keto diet meal plan.

Your keto meal plan has too much protein

Did you know that proteins are another source of glucose for your body which might prevent ketosis? Taking too much protein in your diet can convert them into glucose and obstruct your keto diet meal plan as well. Jake Crandall, a trainer, and CEO and founder of Okie CrossFit in Tulsa has said, “The ketogenic diet for ‘nutritional ketosis’ is 20 percent protein, 5 percent carbs, and 75 percent fat”. Protein up to the required level is stored as glycogen in the body for future use. But a little more increase of protein than the required level gets converted to glucose and is used as energy fuel in your body.

Not drinking enough water

Water - Important for your keto diet meal plan

Sufficient water intake is a crucial part of a keto diet meal plan, especially during the initial days. Beginners mostly complain of a persisting headache in the first few days. Lack of water in your body may be one of the reasons for this. When you are following a keto meal plan, your body automatically falls short of carb diets, which tend to dehydrate your body. So people on a ketogenic diet are advised to consume one gallon of water every day, which is higher than the normal level.   

Lack of proper keto meal plan

This is one of the greatest mistakes you might make when you are on a ketogenic diet. As this diet is quite different from other diets, you cannot really cheat meals here. Sometimes you might step into mindless snacking which leads to side effects like headache and frustration. With a proper keto meal plan, you can actually keep track of your meals, which will ease your diet as well as lifestyle.  There are a number of apps that will meal plan your diet and give you the best results. All you need to do is to fill up the estimated macronutrients, which will give an idea of the overall food intake in your diet.

You skip research on a keto diet meal plan

It’s obvious that in today’s era of 24 X 7 internet connection, you must have read about the pros and cons of going on a keto diet before actually beginning it. But the question is whether you actually did thorough research on this or not. To follow a systematic keto diet meal plan is not akin to a walk in a park. It’s not just a diet, rather, a lifestyle that causes certain internal changes in your body. If not done well, it may give you a reverse effect. So a proper guide to a keto meal plan is the primary step to get the successful results. You may also opt for consulting a dietician.  

Your electrolytes are not balanced

Your body undergoes massive dietary changes when a keto diet meal plan is controlling your lifestyle. The three critical nutrients Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium are lost in substantial amounts through urination mostly during the initial days. The three macronutrients especially Magnesium, are required for the proper coordination and functioning of the body. So your electrolytes need to be well balanced while following a keto meal plan. You can consume foods high in these nutrients, as a part of your keto diet meal plan. Some of them are avocado, spinach, salmon, cocoa, fish, etc.

You are not taking enough fats

This is a common blunder you make while executing a keto diet meal plan. Even though you cut short your carb and protein intake, most of the times you don’t compensate its loss with the required fat intake. And this ultimately boomerangs your keto meal plan. But the fats you are taking must be healthy and keto-approved. Processed fats may increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and many more. Butter and ghee (clarified butter), cream, coconut oil, cheese, avocado, and olive oil are some of the keto-friendly natural fats you can consume.

You take refuge in artificial sweeteners

A study found that artificial sweeteners encourage your sugar cravings and demotivate your weight loss intention. Even the ones that promise to be sans sugar may add on to weight gain and metabolic issues in the long run. Therefore, people on a ketogenic diet are advised not to make these sweeteners a habit. But there are some zero-calorie sweeteners like Stevia, Erythritol, and Monkfruit that can be integrated into your keto meal plan provided that you don’t rely on it every time.

A keto diet meal plan is a quick-fix for you

You cannot really expect your body to respond faster when all you have consumed throughout your life is carbohydrates. Although you may sometimes observe rapid changes during the first two weeks following your keto diet meal plan. But this temporary success shouldn’t get you back to your old eating habits. What really happens after a period of time is that your metabolism slows down, giving you snail-like results. Sometimes the changes may not be even visible. So don’t panic at that time. Just be persistent and follow your keto meal plan patiently.

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