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Food items that spoil fertility health of men:

Little we know that our regular consumption of certain food items leads to infertility. Infertility in men is so common that 2 in every 5 men is infertile. But the fact that food leads to infertility is a nightmare for most of the men out there. Fertility health is very important in young men and women. The reproductive health of a person also signifies a successful married life. Most men forget that there is thing called male infertility and blame the women for not having a child. The society also does the same. Here we will see some of the food items that leads to male infertility:

Dairy products: Some of the dairy products leads to infertility in men. These dairy products contains a lot of lactic acid which is known to reduce fertility in men. This might come as a surprise but this is scientifically proven. Regular consumption of cheese, butter and milk leads to infertility. There are additional factors which adds onto this. Adulteration is very high in dairy products and hence it is very important to purchase organic products for your consumption. Fast food items like pizzas and burgers contain a lot of cheese and these are said to increase the body fat. Men with bigger waist lines are more prone to infertility than lean men.

Cutting carbs is very important when you are trying to reduce weight. Carbohydrates present in bread, noodles, and potatoes are said to destroy your fertility. During one of my consultation at a fertility clinic in chennai, the precautionary food items which I need to control had all these listed. Most of think that how can carbs do harm to our fertility health as everyone consumes it at a regular basis. But the fact is, it make your sperm lazy and causes mobility dysfunction in sperms.

High amount of caffeine content in the blood cells is said to cause infertility. It not only causes infertility but also causes a lot of order health disorders. These are high risk items when a good health is considered. The average consumption of coffee is increasing day by day. High caffeine content in blood can also lead to heart diseases.

Alcohol consumption is also in this list to those who think alcohol only gives you a belly. A study shows that 80% of the men who are infertile have history of alcohol consumption. This is not just limited to occasion consumption but to regular consumption. Nearly half of the people who consume alcohol also have smoking habit and this adds more harm to the cart. When it comes to smoking and drinking, the infertility problem that is caused becomes nearly impossible to be reversed. This is the primary reason why men who opt for IVF due to azoospermia have history of drinking and smoking.   

With advanced fertility treatment it is very easy for a couple to enter the phase of parenthood.


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