8 most reasonable snacks place in kolkata


    Bongs are the lovers of food and if you step this city you are bound to find the food of your choice in your reasonable budget. Are you the lover of spicy dishes? Then Bengali spicy food is famous all over the country needs no introduction however.

    1.Sharma Tea house

    Opposite to the Gurudwara in Elgin Road many people all over the city gather here to have the delicious Lassi and Chaa(tea). The tasty chaa accompanied with nimki will seriously melt your heart. Even the kachauri here is famous especially because it is accompanied with mouth watering sabji. If you visit the city of joy Sharma Tea House will obviously make your breakfast fantastic.


    2.Kalika Mukhorochok Telebhaja

    If you are in search of authentic Telebhaja of the city, step to college street in this 50 years old Telebhaj stall. Telebhaja is a deep fried item. Starting from brinjal to mutton and fish, you can get all kinds of telbhaja here.  The shop is open from 4pm to 8pm and you literally have to fight with the crowd to get your order.  This is a place to fulfill the desire of ones taste bud and wonderful place to get evening snacks.



    3.Mini Box

    If you want to know what Desi Chinese is you should definitely visit Mini Box. Within reasonable price you will be served with toothsome food. Near Desopriyo park this small roadside stall will off course incline your heart. The luscious gravy chowmin with chilly chicken is a dish which will bound you to visit this place again. If you are left with only few bucks but you want tasty food, Mini Box is the place where your desire will get fulfilled.



    The delicious pea kachauri and cholar dal in Sreehori will be most amazing breakfast. Just opposite to Asutosh College, Hazra this store is always crowded by the food lovers. This store will also offer you with famous misti of Kolkata and surely will melt your heart. One will definitely love having their breakfast here.

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    5.Balwant Singhs Eating House.

    Are you in love with milk products? If so, then you must taste an unique offering in the city of joy, the joyous doodh cola  which is, cola married to milk. This store is in SP Mukherjee road will also offer you with malai tea which is bound to satisfy your desire.

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    Gorihat is a place for shopping. And if you step Goriahat it will atlest take 2 to 4 hours for you to leave the place for you will get varieties of item to buy in your limited budget. Shopping is seriously incomplete without food, but off course the food should also be reasonable. Bedwin roll shop in goriahat is sure to complete it.

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    7.Momo in Exide crossing

    If you are health conscious  and want to have street food then momo is something which will satisfy both. Exide is one of the busiest place in Kolkata. In any part of the day step to exide crossing and get these delicious momo with spicy sauce and convince your desire.

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    8.Ghotigorom, Princep Ghayat.

    If you visit Kolkata in summer the soothing air in Princep ghayat  by the river Ganga in the evening will carry away all your anxiety.  You will find many ghotigorom hawkers passing by you. The awesome union of  chanacur , lemon and onion should not be missed by anyone who visits Kolkata. Ghotigorom will enhance the beauty of this place.

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