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Top 10 Video games to Play This Year

Video games are an addiction and being a video game fanatic, all I can say is that they are an extreme commitment. Whether you are trying to fixate your mind on to playing a game or whether you are trying to find out which game has ranked higher in the charts, video games are everything. They are even more addictive than TV-Shows and needs more patience than finishing an hour long marathon of movies. To make it in the past, there has been a lot of video games which has steered our minds. It first started with Road Rash and Super Mario Bro. Inc.

Video games are a sense through which you can master your choice and taste. It all depends on the type of video game you are willing to play. If you are a horror fan then there are some games which can be best suited for you. Other than that, video games add a particular sense of rewarding within a common human instinct. Imagine giving all your effort and your minded attention into something for a week long and completing an achievement just on your computer screen. I mean, how cool is that?

2018 has not been a year for good games and I really mean when I type it. But there are some considerations you can make when you are trying to make a list of the top video games which ranked higher in the charts this year. In the spirits of all the video games, I have compiled only the best among the following.

10. Celeste

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From the creators of the popular video game known as Towerfall, here comes Celeste. Right from the beginning, Celeste tries to grip its player by adding a sequence to the story and building an intense platform for playing. It starts with the story of a girl named Madeline and her everlasting wish of climbing a mountain Celeste.

It is a game which challenges your patience. There are certain levels and platforms where your player will die over and over again only to be revived at the last minute checkpoint. There are towering enemies who will battle your player and the challenges will just get stronger when you reach the peak of the mountain.

There is a beautiful storytelling method of this game which enables its players to understand the story of Madeline. The game often gives you chances to jump and hide from your enemies. It has a simpler platform of performance which you will definitely like.

9. Iconoclasts

If you have played Metal Slug or Metroid and even Final Fantasy then this game will surely heighten your peak. This game is filled with a superior high-level design and graphics with a good narrative part which will not bore you for the rest of your gameplay.

There are different processes through which you can power your player’s unique ability, talent, and features which forms are the elements of this game. Robin who is a mechanic joins forces with her cadre of companies to fight against the final boss called the One Chosen.

 This game is endlessly innovation and there are a lot more reasons to like this game for sure. It contains tactics which are built around in this game and you’ll definitely enjoy playing this!

8. The Awesome Adventures of Captain spirit

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If you have played Life is Strange then you’ll know that a tell tale game is extremely amazing to start with. This game starts with the story of a boy called Chris is 10 years old with his super imaginative powers and the struggles to grow up.

 This game is not a prequel to Before the Storm. You might miss Max and Chloe but you will definitely love this game for sure. Filled with a tight story line around it, this game earns its spot in the right place.

Once you start playing this game, you will be faced to make different revelations and choices based on the player’s situation. You need to do them accordingly to reach a proper conclusion. And after all, you will just fall in love with the main character called Chris.

7. Frostpunk

Imagine a world like in the Ice Age. Frostpunk chooses to let the player deal into a frozen world which is full of surprises and chances. This video game is an underrated one due to less promotion and branding but it is a good play to start your weekend with.

You will have to play as the leader of a small encampment of humans that have found their way through a shelter in a completely abandoned valley. Once you start playing this game, you will get a good depth of it. Your final and main task is to oversee the survivor and gather resources to build important and mega infrastructures that can help to the expedition of a much wider world. You will have to deal with different situations and wrestle your choice among choosing many.

 There are some instances in the game where you have to be fair with your choices and you’ll face the consequences.

6. Dragon ball fighter Z

When starting with this game, there is only one thing to describe it by so far. Who doesn’t love Dragonball Z? This is an extremely happening game for everyone and of any age. For ones who have loved and played all the Dragonball Series, this game will nearly outstand from the rest of them.

This game should have been the game of the year but due to insufficiency promotion and image, this game suffered its major drawbacks and that is why it is lying over here in the list. There is everything in this game you can wish for. Good characters, strength, and everything. Even you’ll get to unlock Golden Frieza once you start playing.

 This game is just outstanding and marvelous. Every single character is fantastic and yes Yamcha too. Everything just sells out about this game and it is plainly suited for the best.

5. Monster Hunter: World

Starting with the Monster Hunter series, this game has series graphics to look out for. This game, as the name, suggest is just plainly built around hunting monsters but it is not as boring as it sounds. This is an open world game since you are playing as an fps character and you’ll find numerous pieces of evidence to pick up fights with the monsters of different types.

If you defeat any monster then they will leave you better materials to craft your sword and other hunting elements. Each monster comes with an unnerving point and score and it is important to complete the objectives to get higher in the charts.

This game is definitely worth a run.

4. Alto’s Odyssey

In the prequel to Alto’s runner and three years into making, this game definitely shares its spot at number 4. The great thing about this game is that it does not mess with the original plot of the previous game and keeps it intact.

In fact, you’ll find this game to be far more playable and enjoyable than the first one (all in my own opinion). There are new adventures to count, new places and new characters to see. You will fall in love with this game once you start playing it.

Also with the impressive graphics and tuning, this game deserves to sit at the home screen.

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

After playing this game for 3 days, all I can say is that there is nothing to pinpoint anything bad about this game. This game is unbreakingly handsome and there is such a gripping story attached to the plot line that you will start relating and start playing it more often.

There are few glitches which make this game insufferable but there are a lot of games with the same thing but they are still ranked at the highest right. With the exploration of an open world space, this game will peak your senses.

If you are not convinced by the reviews then just buy this game and start playing by yourself and you will know the difference.

2. Destiny 2, Warmind

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Warmind has arrived in May and it has scored its place in a lot of its fans’ heart. You can get through the Destiny 2 walkthrough before playing this game and understand the main tactics around it. This is a game which will make you gain interest the moment you see it.

It is also the second DLC to the Bungie space-faring sequel. Just like the first DLC, this game will also set the players up with some new adventures and characters. There are expansion and purchasing of items which will help the player to choose among different items all at the same time.

This game is really good and worth a go if you are trying to fixate on one.

1. God of War

The only hyped game of this year, God of War has definitely earned the top spot. There is one boy, one man and one axe and only one adventure to start this game. Deserving all the hype it has got in its way, God of War is seriously worth a play. God of War took Kratos and sent him on a new path in the Norse mythology with his son called Atreus that is combined with the original gameplay and the story. God of War nails all the actions which come its way and is finitely built for the player’s amusement. You will have to serve and fulfill some of the goals and adventures which comes your way to go to the next story which is already waiting for. God of War is definitely a spectacular game to start your next weekend with!

So what are you waiting for? If you are a video game fan and want something interesting then go for this list!

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