LADAKH- The king of mountains

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    One of the coldest desert of India is Ladakh and having a trip to it is a spectacular experience. With an incredible beauty of nature, it is a treat to all the visitors in case of a fun trip or photography. Having drastic and sudden changes in weather is so common for this place of tourism.

    Leh the largest city of Ladakh located between the Great Himalayas and the Kunlun range, it is about 3500 meters above the sea level. Town with having maximum tourism Leh is one of the few travel destinations for the Buddhists in Asia. It is also famous for its weather and extreme temperatures being diverse. And for that reason, travelers are always suggested to have enough medical equipment with them for cure.

    There are many stories behind this amazing city. The Leh Palace is one of the most delightful places to hang-on. Situated in the main market of Leh, it belongs to The Royal Family of Ladakh and is same as The Potala Palace of Lhasa. Ahead of the palace, there is a one roomed Shrine known as The Chamba Temple with a huge icon of Maitreya- the Buddha yet to come.

    Now at the top of the street, one can easily see a green and white colored Jama Masjid which is also located in the bazaar itself. Sankar Gompa a monastery which only welcomes maximum twenty monks at a time is a must visit place. Those who visit the monastery are offered with yak butter tea with hospitability.

    When it comes to shopping, Leh is famous for Tibetan markets. Timetan markets have a specialty in metal ware things. Artistic pieces like Sonorous Bowls made of metals like copper trumpets, decorative brass and symbals are the most famous things of these Tibetan markets. Cymbals with religious themes that are ideal for meditation are also found in these shops. Jewelleries like turquoise, chunky shell bangles and unpolished silver worn by Ladakhi women are popular. Thangka paintings, shawls, stoles, small prayer wheels and semi-precious stones are attractions of these native markets. The Rubies and Lapis Lazuli are also found there.

    The travelling expenses here are way too high but one can travel by the state buses within the city on their schedule for cheapest convenience. When it comes to comfort ability, the most convenient way to travel is to book a taxi on point to point tariff basis. While travelling to newly opened areas, it is necessary to consult a travel agency which can manage transport system and requisite arrangement also.

    To reach Ladakh, one has to cover a road journey of about 434 kilometers from Srinagar and this is high up to 11,500 feet Zoji-La which is also known as the pass in the Great Himalayan Walls.

    A motor able route is also available between Manali and Leh which covers 473 kilometers. This route is the second overland approach to Ladakh. Himachal Pradesh tourism and J&K State tourism also operates their deluxe and ordinary buses on this route for the comfort ability of the tourists. This bus journey takes about 19 hours to reach Ladakh from Manali.


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