Dreams are natural phenomenon which occur every night while we are asleep. If there is something that we all do, it’s the fact that we all dream in some form or another. Dreams are stories that our mind creates while we are asleep . Sometimes the dreams we see are so unusual that we refrain from believing onto it.Even scientists have not been able to find out the reason behind dreams .

Dreams can be entertaining, fun, romantic, shocking and mysterious. We often do not remember our dreams but nobody can refrain from the point that dreams don’t squatter their mind while they are asleep . We may never know what our dreams will mean exactly, but there are some strange facts associated with our dreams –

Dreams Have The Ability To Send Us A Message 

There are so much more to dreams than random images and people we see in our minds. Our dreams have the ability to send us a message and help us cope with a stressful situation in our lives. Dream therapy isn’t too far off the radar when it comes to helping people cope with the issues in their lives. Dreams often replicate what is happening with us or something which is about to happen in advance .

If you seem to see the same dream many times it might be a signal for you to be alert .

Sleep Paralysis 

When we enter rapid eye movement sleep, or better known as the REM stage our brain releases a chemical in the body so that we are paralyzed to movement. This makes it so we don’t acts out our dreams while we are asleep. However sometimes we wake up while the chemical is still active in our body and we hallucinate as well being unable to move thus causing the terrifying phenomenon called as Sleep Paralysis.

Though it is not very evident but sometimes when it happens it is quite terrifying. It really triggers our mind through it’s hazardous impact and thus we end up hallucinating in such a critical stage.

Animals Also Dream 

We humans dream while we are asleep but have you ever thought whether animals dream or not? The answer is animals dream similarly as we humans dream .So now when you see a dog smiling while they are asleep he might actually be having a dream that his body is responding to.

Studies have shown that animals dream exactly like we humans do and they have similar brain waves to we human . This is the reason they experience the same as we humans do while falling asleep .

We Forget 90% Of Our Dreams 

We all see so many dreams while we are asleep but we hardly remember them. On an average our memory retains only 10% of our dreams. Other than that everything gets deleted from our memory lane.

Considering if we have over 150,000 dreams in a lifetime; that’s 15,000 dreams that we DO remember. This is really very less that our mind registers.

No Strangers Allowed 

When we dream about other people, even people we don’t think we have ever met they all have faces that we have seen in real lives. Our brain isn’t capable of creating or visualizing a unique face but instead it takes inspiration from faces we have seen in our waking lives.

So that creepy stranger you might see in your dream is actually someone you have already met. You might not remember the person in your dream. However, a person only dreams of people he/she has met or seen in life.

Men VS Women 

Men tend to have more aggressive dream than women .They tend to dream more about other men as well.While women tend to dream equally about both genders . But interestingly enough first born males do not have as many aggressive dreams and first born females have more aggressive dreams .It just goes to show how similar yet wonderfully different men and women can be.

Dream And Perception 

We tend to dream according to the perception of life .This can cause certain phenomenon in our dream where we might not be able to dream in color but instead dream in black and white. Our perception of life can interwine with our dreams and outside forces can influence the course of our dreams while we sleep. For example a noise that might be going off in the room that you are sleeping in may be interpreted as something else in your dream.

So these were some jaw dropping facts about dreams which would have surely startled your mind.So now when you fall asleep you would know much more about your dreams.



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