15 Awesome Gifts You Can Always Give To Your Friend Who Loves Writing


15 Awesome Gifts You Can Always Give To Your  Friend Who Loves Writing



1.Coffee Mug To Start The Day

It will be a great way to start their day.Coffee will refresh their mind .Coffee mug will help them to write more and better.

Image result for coffee mugs for writers2.Notebooks


A handy notebook which they can always  carry with them wherever they might go.

Image result for beautiful notebooks for writers

3.A To Do List

Sticky  to do list which keeps them going.

15 Awesome Gifts You Can Always Give To Your Friend Who Loves WritingImage result

4.A Wall Poster

A wall poster with a quote from the best known writers of the literature world.

Image result for posters for writers

5.Writing Hand Pen Stand 

Pen stand specially designed to bring out the writer in you.

Image result for Pen Stand for writers



Pen is mightier than sword


Image result for pens

7.Markers and Highlighters

Markers and highlighters are a must have for writers.


8.Key Chains

A key chain which they will never lose.


9.Personal Diaries

Personal diaries with locks for security.

Image result for diaries with locks for writers

10.Pillow Cover

11.A Wall Clock

Image result for gifts for writers

12.Phone Backcover

A phone back cover that they will love.

Image result for phone backcover for writers


13.Kindle -E Reader


Image result for kindle images


14.Writing Blocks

Image result for writing blocks

15.A Mini Bookshelf With Books

Books are the things which will make them happy.

Image result for mini bookshelf with books


These are the things you can always give to a writer.It will make a beautiful day for them.






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