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Yet Apart

I stay silent, amongst my twinkling peers,
As I watch the eight year old, who fears,
Compelling his mother to move his toys inside,
Lest they get lonely and scared in this night sight.
I’m in a shape, yet shapeless,
I’m surrounded by many, yet alone,
I provide the earth calmness and peace,yet restless,
The sunlight tingles me with a shimmery moan,
Yet, I give out beauty and coolness.
I see one, I see all,
There are mermaids bathing in the fall,
And there, there the king is on his way,
Claws of gold, sharp and an armor hairy,
The lion breathes quietly, oh-stealthily,
Looking at the baby deer, drinking without any fear,
In a blink, the king gallops over,
And the king of gold feasts over the deer gold.
I see the blossoming buds, the sleeping birds,
When the stream winks at me and coyly smiles,
She takes my heart and I climb down to hers,

Yet Apart

Mates for the whole night, ah, yet apart,
She snuggles me warmly in her cold waves, dancing and giggling,
And before I can satiate myself with her curves,
The dawn comes chasing me, unwilling to quit the fight,
Heavy heartedly I bid goodbye to my mate,
With a promise of kissing her the night next.


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