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Top Careers in 2019 With the Highest Growth Rate

If you are an Indian, then you know the list of career options that will not create a ruckus in the society. You should only be an engineer, a doctor, an IAS or IPS officer, a lawyer or an MBA. Nothing else quite really gets you the approval and support you want. Even if your parents do not have a problem with your choices, society keeps taunting you till you want to scream your head off.

However, we are headed toward being a more progressive country. So it is important to note that the most popular careers may not be the fastest growing or the highest paying. In IITs and NITs, computer science and information technology are the most sought-after branches. The truth here is, though, that these fields do not have an upward moving growth-rate graph anymore. Being a software engineer is not very cool anymore. There are just so many people in the industry that it has lost all its charm. With the advent of technologies like Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, software engineers may very well be redundant in a couple of decades. If you are thinking of the right career path for yourself, you need to make sure its stable enough so that you can last in it for life. It isn’t exactly reassuring that you may have a flourishing career initially but have to look for a different job in a different field later. And obviously, the world doesn’t just need lawyers and doctors in it. It needs other people too.

If you want to pursue a career in one of the above fields, it’s your choice and we respect you and appreciate you for it. But these are definitely not the fastest growing careers if you look at the big picture. Which is why, before you make a decision, go through this list of the world’s fastest-growing Careers in 2019 and the highest paying jobs in the world-

1. Analysts

Top Careers in 2019 With the Highest Growth Rate

Have you ever read McDonald’s food policies? One of them says that McDonald’s never serves their customers leftovers from the day before. Their patties and fries are always made the day they are sold. Now if you think about it, you may feel that it will cause a lot of wastage of food if customers are less one day. However, that’s not the case. Every company has people called “analysts”, whose job is to make predictions about the future using past data. They analyze past records of the same dates and give a near-accurate prediction for those days in the future. This way, the wastage of resources is prevented to a great extent. Cool, right? There are marketing analysts, computer analysts, data analysts; every kind of analyst you can imagine exists. And trust me, if you are far-sighted and have good logical reasoning skills, you can be a superb analyst. This career currently has the fastest growth rate in any field you pursue.

2. Financial advisor

Top Careers in 2019 With the Highest Growth Rate

Even during recessions, people make investments, and banks have the greatest power. This is one career that will never let you down. If you love maths and if you love solving problems, this career is for you. Financial advisors do exactly what the name says- give advice. They give advice to clients helping them manage their money, make good investments and with long-term financial planning. The best part is, you don’t have to really work under anyone to be a financial advisor. Many advisors work as a lone-wolf or as freelancers, as long as they have the right degrees and skills. If you are looking for something that is interesting, stable and well-paying, you should really give this a thought.

3. Environmental Engineering Technician

Top Careers in 2019 With the Highest Growth Rate

Global warming and “Go Green” are all the fire these days. With the growing number of environmental crises, a career in this industry is sure to be in high demand in the future. Environmental technicians use their scientific knowledge to help with technologies that rid the world of pollution. They collect data like weather records and soil or water samples, analyze them and find solutions to improve the environmental conditions. Environmental engineering may not sound very attractive right now, but a few years down the line this is going to be a highly sought-after engineering field.

4. Fitness Trainer

Top Careers in 2019 With the Highest Growth Rate

Are you a fitness freak? Do you love frequenting the gym, or working out? Is your Instagram feed filled with workout posts? Then take your interest, and turn it into a career. Yes, being a fitness trainer is a great career option, especially with the exponential growth in the number of gym rats and fitness freaks. Nowadays, everyone wants to have great, shredded bodies. You know, we live in a materialistic world after all. So if you are a fitness freak too, why not use it to your advantage?

If you’d rather go to the gym than sit in front of a computer all day, you can always become a fitness trainer. These trainers are professionals who train clients at the gym, lead fitness classes and educate people about fitness in general. Personal fitness trainers are even more in demand, especially by celebrities and rich businessmen. This field is also very stable because fitness is never going to go out of fashion or business. So go ahead, pull up your gym socks and live your dream.

5. Registered Nurse

Top Careers in 2019 With the Highest Growth Rate

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. People who can’t become doctors become nurses. But that’s not the truth. Not everyone can be a nurse. Being a registered nurse is not very easy. They have to be as efficient and knowledgeable as any doctor. Their job is to interact with the patients, keep records and give necessary information to doctors. A nurse is basically the right hand of a doctor. No doctor can be successful if he doesn’t have a trusted and competent nurse by his side. Registered nurses are in great demand in private and government hospitals alike. They are, indeed, the most active people in the medical industry. And you won’t believe it, but the median salary of a registered nurse in the US is approximately $70000 per annum. This translates to around 49 lakh INR, per annum. Who says being a nurse isn’t cool!

6. Graphic Designer

Top Careers in 2019 With the Highest Growth Rate

If you have good Photoshop skills or are an adept Abobe Illustrator user, this career is the one for you. The world loves visual excitation, and this is where graphic designers come in. Graphic designers work on projects like creating doodles, logos for companies or posters for advertisements. The best part is, you can be a freelancer and still earn as much (or even more) as any 9 to 5 out there. Every company needs a skilled graphic designer. Who designs the billboard advertisements? Graphic designers. Who designs travel brochures? Graphic designers. If you start counting the number of places these people are involved in, you will forget your own name. The work of a graphic designer is out there everywhere for the world to see. It’s not just the good pay or the relative freedom, this job brings to you a great deal of inner satisfaction too.

These Careers in 2019 options may be unorthodox, and may not sound very promising, especially if you belong to an orthodox family. But when it comes to far-sightedness, these careers show more promise than any other out there. And your job should be something personal to you, not a society-pleaser. It’s all about doing what you like, and enjoying what you do. Keep a broad mind, look at the world around you. Don’t restrict yourself to a small well when there’s an entire sea of opportunities out there for you to explore.

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