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6 Ways To Maximise Your Gains in Gym

Train, eat, sleep, repeat. With that philosophy and these 6 pro tips, you’ll be well on your way toward astronomical muscle growth!

You leave every sweat session feeling like your body has no choice but to grow, yet weeks pass and your scale and strength numbers seem to suggest otherwise. You may start to feel dejected by the thought of not getting the results you were expecting, but take heart: Help is here! You need a firm game plan to maximize your workouts and time in the gym.

So,From your next session try these things to maximise your gains.

COMMIT TO EVENING TRAINING SESSIONSImage result for steve cook back

Athletes like Jeff Seid,Steve Cook etc prefers training in the evening, especially during a mass-gaining phase. By placing your workouts at night rather than in the morning or early afternoon, you can load your meals prior to training, and shuttle more fuel toward that workout for performance and recovery.”

KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATEDImage result for hydration

Some people often place too much emphasis on food while they neglect other needs, like proper hydration.

“Your body is made up of 70 percent water, which means water plays a key role in your everyday function and peak performance,” von Moger explains. “For athletes, staying hydrated is critical for performing at the intensity necessary to build lean muscle.”Drink and sip water throughout the day, during fat-loss and muscle-building phases. It’s possible to confuse hunger with insufficient hydration, so it’s especially critical to stay well-hydrated when cutting fat.

Drinking plenty of water is even more crucial during and after a workout, since even slight dehydration can actually limit your performance. Aim to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day, which is about two liters.


The basic goal of eating is,eat 5-6 meals a day,because you can never put on muscle mass only with  supplements.Remember supplements are there to fulfill the nutrition which you can not acquire from food.So,to grow the basic rule is eat clean.The only thing which will help you grow is what you eat and how you’re planning your macros and micros.Image result for eat healthy athlete

As a general rule, keep your daily protein intake around 2 gram per kg of body weight,” I recommends, “and then fill out the rest of your calories with carbohydrates and fats.


Muscles require plenty of stimuli to grow, and they require repeated stimuli to continue growing. Train at least four times per week, focusing primarily on large muscle groups. “Any less than that and you may sacrifice some gains”.Related image

According to me,”The idea is to split your workouts effectively so that you have at least 36 hours between training the same muscle group again”.

 Increase your weights and sets every 3 weeks.

One of the biggest determinants to muscle growth is the volume (sets x reps x weight) of the training program, so long as the weights are greater than about 60 percent of your one rep max (1RM), on average. (Beyond 60 percent of your 1RM, small changes in weight used — 225 to 235 pounds, for example — do enhance the stimulus, but not by much.)

Keep Changing your workout routine.

Try to change your routine after every 3-4 months.Your body get habitual to the same routine and that’s the reason you stop growing.So,keep it interesting.For example,if you have been following a 6 day split for a while then switch to strength building training which includes performing 4 exercises with 3 set of each exercise and 30 reps per set.Or,go for German Volume Training,Functional Training and HIIT stations.

So,follow these tips for a while and see If you are closer to your desires goals.




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