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Top 8 Content Writing Tools

In the present time, when content writing is no more confined to pen and paper, it is essential to ameliorate and promote your content using the right tools. From checking grammar to counterfeiting, there is a tool to mend every error. Sometimes, we content writers move with the flow and tend to make grammatical mistakes.

content writers
content writers

Further, some content writers make the blog’s readability hard for basic readers. However, an ideal blog is easy to read and comprehend with the right selection of words, avoiding repetition. Remember, it is eminent to use plagiarism checker tools before sending your content to your superior as it gives an outright immoral and poor impression. With all the bedlam, it is important to use appropriate tools, especially when you are a copywriter. There are tons of tools available online for every sort of content.

Here is a rundown of the best content writing tools that will ameliorate your content-


Price- $12.00/ month

Nobody is perfect, not even content writing experts, before proofreading. Luckily, Grammarly is a must-have application for every content writer as, along with checking grammatical errors, it provides assistant options. The assistant options include suggestions about clarity, engagement, and delivery to the readers. It also provides individual and overall correctness scores that help to understand the tone of the content. The basic application is free for every user, while there is a premium version that enhances vocabulary and points out plagiarised content.

Yoast SEO

Price- $ 89/ year

Search Engine Optimization helps in identifying the keywords that are searched often by the users that help in the generation of web trafficking which indirectly contributes to the increase in the number of leads for the company. Yoast SEO provides with the tools that make you appear and optimize the content for better search results. Besides, it also provides tools that improve the readability. Yoast is one of the most installed and used plugins in terms of SEO. The plugin is present on WordPress and is extremely search-friendly. It helps the clients to find the appropriate product by providing a great variety of similar products to choose from.

Google Analytics

Price- $150,000/ year

Google Analytics is a website marketing platform that analyzes website traffic and enhances it. It keeps track of all the views and the pages most visited by the website to make you generate content accordingly. It guarantees in-depth data with an insight into the poorly and best-performing pages on your website that helps you grow better and optimize your content. Comparatively, it is quite expensive, but it belongs to Google and comes with exclusive features and unquestionable reliability. Moreover, you get free access to the application if the website generates less or equal to 10 million hits a month.


Price- $19.99/ year

As discussed earlier, it is essential to keep track of your readability as content with difficult words is not always perfect content. Content should be such that it can easily be comprehended by a layman. Accordingly, your audience will widen, and you will have more leads getting acquainted with your content. So, Hemingway makes your task easier by making your sentences facile. It aims at improving the readability of your complicated text by suggesting optimized and easy-to-read words. Though the application is a paid one, the online editor is free of cost. However, you cannot expect the Hemingway editor to perform an in-depth grammatical analysis.

Buzz Sumo

Price- Pro: $99/ month; Plus: $179/ month; Large: $299/ month

People read blogs as per the topics that interest them. For a better reach of your content, the subject should intrigue the readers. It should be based on a ‘hot topic’ or should address the issues faced by the general readers, providing solutions to the issues. Buzz Sumo keeps you updated with the popular and contemporary topics that increase your engagement and make the people hooked. It also enables you to promote your content through social media influencers with a wide audience. With ten free searches a month, it provides various packs with different features. The Pro pack is accessible for start-ups and freelancers, Plus for small and growing businesses, and Large for marketing teams and professional profiles.


Price- $20/ month; $79/ year; $399 for a lifetime

Grammar, detailed readability analysis, reformation, spellings, passive voice check, transitive words, you name it, and this application provides a real-time check on your content. It is known to have exclusive and unique features as it provides improvement for even the slightest of mistakes that look almost negligible. The in-app features help you optimize your content that ups your writing game, and you get to grow your skills each day. There is also a free version available, but it does not provide in-depth analysis with writing pace.

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Price- $10/ month

We cannot be fully aware about every possible topic, so us content writers go for copywriting. However, copywriting sometimes might lead to plagiarism due to some keywords and similar thought process. Duplichecker is a plagiarism checking tool that provides a free access to check 1,000 words per search. Post searching for 1,000 words in one go, you require access to the premium version which is a paid one. It is user-friendly and you can either upload a file or copy paste the content besides real-time typing on the website. It is known to have a 100% detection rate and saves you from the embarrassment of publishing plagiarised content.


Price- $99/ month

Topic is yet another SEO tool that assists agencies to make their work easier, presentable, and accessible. It provides the appropriate focus keywords along with the right headings and topics that would generate leads. The keywords are provided in accordance with the top 30 web searches when a client searches for a pertinent inquiry. The Content Grader option makes you create a feedback loop that would make you familiar with the needs and wants of the target audience. Further, the website’s AI helps to pace up the work by assisting in the brief outline of the blog through the Outline Builder tool.

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