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TOP 20 Information Technology Companies in India

From the world’s very first relays to Life-sized holograms in augmented realities, we came a long way. And there is always some interesting technology behind every interesting project that was made. In fact, this ranges from a whole new groundbreaking AI that can solve 30×30 Rubik’s cubes to something as small as an optimization in an algorithm. In conclusion, for every piece of tech out there, it all roots back to one single term; Information Technology. IT or Information Technology explained in layman’s terms is simply a system’s ability to store, retrieve and transmit information. Coupled with the never-ending need for professionals as well as a multitude of tech to choose from, that excitement goes a long way. Clearly, modern IT is simply overwhelming

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TOP 20 Information Technology Companies in India

If you’re a tech-savvy person, or generally interesting in building stuff, there’s a good chance you will take your shot at the IT industry. Ranging from huge Multi-National Companies with ridiculous turnovers to ultra-successful and innovative start-ups, there are just way too many players in the game. As a matter of fact, with dozens of Industry giants to choose from, a plethora of tech to learn, it can be quite confusing. This article aims at breaking this down for the reader. Given there points, let us explore the industry leaders, their game, and what kind of technology you need to equip yourselves with, to make it. So, here are the top 20 Information Technology companies in India. 

Tata Consultancy Services

Never before had an Indian Company made its mark and been so popular around the world. Found by Tata sons, the MNC operates in 46 countries with a global workforce of about 448,464 employees as of March 2020. This India-based company was established in 1968 and serves as an Information Technology consulting and services industry leader worldwide. Consequently, TCS has a total revenue of Rs.161,541 crore and is the world’s largest Information Technology service provider.  

TCS usually hires using TCS careers. Allegedly, their Digital division serves higher-end projects and greater pay while Ninja division handles lesser band projects and thereby lesser pay. It is a fairly straightforward process with exams and interviews. TCS staff work with a variety of languages including C, C++, Java, Python, C# and their respective libraries depending upon the project you are on. In general, an average fresher placed in TCS could earn between 2.41 LPA to 7.45 LPA.


Retrospect; While TCS is the top player in the Information Technology industry, Infosys trails behind with a close second position. Serving in Business consulting, outsourcing and Information Technology services, TCS is the 596th largest public figure in the world. Established in 1981, this MNC has a global workforce of 242,371 employees from 46 countries around the world. In fact, this Tech. giant has a total revenue of Rs. 90,791 crore and is a key player in the Information Technology industry. 

Infosys hires off and on-campus with an aptitude test followed by technical and HR interviews or with Hackwithinfy, their hackathon. They have delivered several interesting projects over the years, NIA being one of them. Being a service-based company, Infosys also uses mainstream languages like C, C++, Java, Python, C#, etc. A fresher joining Infosys can expect a package of 4.44 LPA with salary bands ranging from 3.33 LPA to 11.51 LPA.

HCL Technologies

HCL Enterprises is massive as it is. Being a subsidiary of the said company, HCL Technologies split from the parent company in 1991 after its establishment in 1976. Subsequently, this Indian MNC has a total of Rs.71,265 crores worth revenue with a workforce of 150,000 people from 44 different countries. Forbes Global 2000 list featured HCL Technologies.

Anyone trying to get hired by HCL can appear for their placement drives and enter through aptitude tests and Interviews. Good verbal skills and sound grammar is highly sought after in the process. While HCL is a service-based company, they work with several technologies; C and SQL being significant ones. Thus, as a fresher, one can expect a package of around 2.5 LPA from HCL Technologies. 

Wipro Limited

Wipro is one of the oldest and well-established companies in India. As can be seen, this MNC provides Information Technology consulting, business services and Information Technology services among other things. Established in 1945, Wipro generates total revenue of Rs. 63,862 crores. In essence, Wipro is a massive Tech giant that serves worldwide, within 110 countries with a global workforce of 175,000 employees. 

Wipro is well known for conducting hackathons to hire freshers. As a fresher, you could expect the same interview pattern from Wipro as from any other service-based company, applications are accepted via referrals or through Wipro-NLTH. Furthermore, Wipro uses several technologies like C, C++, Java, Perl, etc. An average fresher can get into Wipro with a package of about 3.5 LPA. 

Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.

At some point, everyone would have heard or dealt with Java. Here’s the deal, Oracle owns Java. Along with OracleDB and other things. Being a product based company, Oracle Corporation, the parent company of Oracle India is certainly a Tech. giant. Oracle India was established in 1993 and generates about Rs.10,993 crore. It has a global workforce of about 136,000 employees in about 48 countries.

Oracle recruitment is quite a tedious task. When you’re a fresher attempting to crack Oracle, keep in mind that there are multiple interviews and tests you would be required to clear. The candidate is also expected to good knowledge of Java and SQL. And since it owns Java, most of its Projects are in the same language. As a fresh recruit, an Oracle software engineer would get a package of about 10 LPA.   

Redington India Ltd

Redington India Ltd started off as a small-time company based in Chennai in 1993. The company now spans up to 42 different countries with a whopping Rs. 46,599 crore revenue. As a result, the company has about 1800 employees working for it. The MNC provides an end to end supply chain with several Core products and services. 

The Information Technology giant has a pretty standard recruitment process wherein a candidate can enter as an intern, a fresher or an experienced professional. Redington, being a service provider, uses several mainstream programming languages for working on interesting projects. Being that, an average software engineer working in Redington India Ltd earns around 6LPA. 

Tech Mahindra Ltd

Tech Mahindra is an Indian MNC serving the IT industry as a trusted and able Information Technology service provider and consultancy. A subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, Tech Mahindra was established in 1986. As a matter of fact, in 2012, the company was ranked as the 5th best India Information Technology firm and the 111th Fortune India 500 company. With total revenue of Rs. 38,060 crore, Tech Mahindra is well established in 90 different countries with about 125,236 people as its core active workforce.

Tech Mahindra has a standard hiring process with an additional Picture perception round prior to the interviews. Tech Mahindra usually handles their projects with Java, SQL, C++, .NET, HTML, Unix, etc. Average fresher salary given by Tech Mahindra ranges from 3.2LPA to 4LPA.

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd

Found by two Danish refugees taking shelter in India, L&T came a long way. It is perhaps one of the biggest Information Technology conglomerates with total revenue of Rs.147,813 crore. LTI is a subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro. As can be seen, the India-based MNC was found in 1938. Furthermore, With about 31,419 employees working in around 30 countries, LTI has a total revenue of Rs.9,742 crore.

LTI recruitment process consists of an aptitude, verbal, logical and computer programming rounds and is pretty standard at that. Apart from mainstream languages like Java, HTML, etc, LTI also works with languages like Scala, LISP, Flex, Qt-qml, etc. LTI freshers are placed with around 3 LPA to 3.25 LPA. 

Mphasis Ltd

Established in 2000, Mphasis is an India Information Technology company that found success rather quickly. Having been in the industry for about 20 years, the MNC has about Rs.7907 crore total revenue. Evidently, The company specializes in Information Technology services and consulting. Keep in mind that usually, this is the time it takes for a normal company to just mature as an MNC. With around 22,239 employees working from 9 countries around the world. 

Mphasis has a normal hiring process with all the usual rounds one would expect. C and C++ are the languages programmers use in Mphasis. So, the company expects candidates to be proficient in it. Mphasis hires freshers for 1.6 LPA to 14 LPA packages with an average Software Engineer earning about 4LPA to 5LPA.

Mindtree Ltd

Mindtree is yet another subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro. Established in 1999, Mindtree specializes in Information Technology services and consulting. Mindtree’s total revenue accounts for about Rs. 7,839 crore. The Information Technology MNC is established in about 17 countries and has a global workforce of 21,991 employees working as of March 2020.

Mindtree placements include an Aptitude, Logical and Reasoning rounds as well as a coding round, which is pretty standard for an Information Technology company. Mindtree handles projects in a plethora of fields ranging from web development to Data Science and thus has a workforce capable of handling several languages. A fresher joining Mindtree is expected to get a package of about 3.25 LPA.

Hexaware Technologies Ltd

Established in 1990, Hexaware is an industry giant with a lot to show for it. Hexaware’s contributions have been particularly noticeable during the COVID 19 as some were directed at the said virus. As a result, with total revenue of Rs.2,177 crore, Hexaware has brought in many industry-defining and groundbreaking technology. Hexaware operates in 20 countries with a workforce of 19,999 employees.

Getting recruited by Hexaware involves competing in an Online coding contest, GD, aptitude tests, Technical and HR interviews. In fact,Hexaware works with several programming languages with Java and HTML being stressed ones. Freshers joining Hexaware can expect a salary package of 3LPA – 4LPA.

Syntel Ltd

Syntel Ltd, or rather Atos Syntel after Atos’ acquisition of Syntel, is an industry leader in Information Technology services and consultancy. Atos Syntel has a total revenue of €11 billion worldwide. Operating in 73 countries worldwide with about 120,000 employees, Atos Syntel is a big player in the Information Technology industry. While Atos’ HQ is located in France, Atos Syntel has offices throughout India.

Syntel recruitment process involves an online exam followed by technical and HR interviews. While the company works on several technologies, JAVA seems to be worth notable. An average software engineer working in Syntel will get about 4.17 LPA.

Polaris Consulting & services

Polaris Consulting & services was acquired by Virtusa Corporation in 2016. So, the merged MNC is titled VirtusaPolaris. While Polaris had a very good turnover in India, merger with Virtusa really pushed Polaris to be the tech giant it is now. An MNC with about 19,000 employees worldwide, VirtusaPolaris really contributes to the Information Technology industry.

The hiring process of Polaris consists of four rounds, then being a written exam, a GD, and then technical and HR interviews. Polaris uses a lot of mainstream languages like C, C++, Java, Python, etc. A fresher software engineer may earn a package of 3 LPA to 3.5 LPA.

Genpact India Pvt. Ltd

Genpact is an Indian MNC that has proven to an industry leader in business management and services. Genpact stands for ‘Generating Impact’ and that is exactly what the company stands for. The company generates total revenue of $3.52 billion. It has 96,500 employees constituting its workforce spanning up to 30 countries.

Genpact hiring process works in three rounds, the first one an aptitude test, and then the interviews. A video conference may also be set in place for the interview prior to the coding rounds. Genpact handles projects that work on a plethora of programming languages. As a fresher, one can expect a salary package between 2.24 LPA to 2.44 LPA.

IGate Global Solutions Ltd

IGate GS was yet another company that was acquired by a French Tech giant. Capgemini owns IGate and the company has a turnover of  €14.12 billion. It has a global workforce of 270,000 employees. The company operates in 40 countries.

The IGate hiring process is pretty standard with an aptitude test followed by interviews. Being a service-based company working in Information Technology services consulting, IGate handles several languages in its development process. Generally, the average salary of an IGate fresher is about 4.22 LPA.

Zensar Technologies Ltd

Zensar Technologies Ltd is an Information Technology services provider that was established in 1991. The MNC is a subsidiary of the RPG group. As a result, this industry leader has total revenue of $589 million. Presently operating in 29 locations, Zensar Technologies has a workforce of about 10000 employees.

Zensar technologies hire candidates through a four-stage selection process with the final one being a personal interview after the usual three rounds. For the most part, Zensar Technologies use several languages like Scala, Python, .NET, etc. A fresher joining Zensar Technologies can generally expect a package of 2 LPA to 5 LPA.

KPIT Technologies Ltd

KPIT Technologies may be an odd choice for this list, but still relevant nonetheless. Established in 1990, this Indian MNC serves in the automotive industry by providing software to necessary companies. Thus, there were a handful of interesting projects that came into being from KPIT Technologies Ltd. The tech giant makes Rs.505.8 crore revenue and has a workforce of 7000+ employees.

The company has a standard aptitude test and interview process for hiring new talent. Though, keep in mind that a company specializing in a specific service requires one to have sufficient knowledge of embedded systems and RTOS operations. The company handles projects in C, C++, etc. A fresher appearing for KPIT can expect a package of 5.5 LPA – 6.5 LPA.

NIIT Technologies Ltd

NIIT Technologies, established in 1981, is a leading Information Technology service provider worldwide. It is a subsidiary of NIIT. Being a leading MNC, it has a total revenue of Rs.2515 core. With a workforce spanning up to 30 countries presently, with about 2600 employees, NIIT really knows the game.

NIIT hiring process is a standard hiring process with two interviews following a test (Online/offline). The service-based company uses a plethora of programming languages. A fresher joining NIIT Technologies can expect a package of 4.37 LPA.


Established in 1991, Cyient works in a wide variety of domains including Data Analytics, defence, networks & operations, etc. The company generates about Rs.4,064 crore and is famous for many of the projects they handled. Having a workforce of about 14,000 employees in 21 countries, the Indian MNC is really huge.

Cyient Hiring takes place in three rounds, the Technical round, the Manage round and the HR round. Cyient works with a plethora of technologies and offers around 1.83 LPA – 3.6 LPA to Trainee Engineer.

Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems have been an industry leader for quite some time after its establishment in 1990. The company specialize in Information Technology services. The MNC has a total revenue of $480 million. Persistent systems has a global workforce made up of 10000+ employees.

The hiring process to this company is quite straightforward with a written and coding round followed by HR and technical interviews. Persistent has its stronghold set up in Python, JSP, Ajax, etc. As a fresher joining the company, one can expect an average package of 5 LPA. 

Information Technology worker
Information Technology worker

So there you have it. These are some of the best Information Technology companies to try out if you’re planning on making it to the industry. While the road might be narrow and hard as a fresher, you will start and learning and adapting as you progress through it. Here’s to never-ending technological advancements and to a better tomorrow. 

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