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Top 3 Plagiarism Checker tools

Publishing original content on the website is the most important requirement for the website owners because if your content is not original, users will not visit your website. Also the website owners have to check whether the content published on their website is not copied by someone else.

  • Many writers copy other’s content and use it in their website.
  • Sometimes plagiarism is unintentional because the writer does not know that his own writing style is already matching someone else’s writing style whose content has already been published.
  • Therefore to check the plagiarism, the Plagiarism checker tools are a necessity for the website content creators and website owners. There are a number of free plagiarism detection tools that are available on the internet but the top 3 free plagiarism detection tools according to my analysis are :

This tool is hundred percent free and you don’t have to pay anything to use this tool. It is very easy to check plagiarism on this tool. You have to just copy-paste, or upload the content of the website and you will get the plagiarism report in a few seconds. Content of up to 1000 words can be searched for plagiarism in one search.  A photograph of the DupliChecker tool is given below:duplichecker

In this tool if you have to check plagiarism in the content, you have to just copy paste the content or upload the content file of .doc or .txt format and then click the ‘Check for Plagiarism’ button. It checks the content in seconds and the plagiarized content can be seen in red. It also shows the percentage of uniqueness in the content. The word limit to check plagiarism in this online software is 1000 words per search. An option to download the plagiarism report is also there. A lot of people use this software to detect plagiarism because it is one of the few online software that check plagiarism free of cost although it is of a basic type. Pictures that show how the SmallSeoTools online plagiarism software works are shared below:


Plagium is one of the top free online tools for checking plagiarism. All you have to do is to enter the content in the software by pasting or uploading and it will check the plagiarism in the content and provides the plagiarism report instantaneously. You can check the content of up to 5000 characters in one search. Another special feature of this software is that you have the option to check the plagiarism in the content on the entire web or to check the plagiarism in the content in the news on the web. This is one of the best free online tool for plagiarized content detection. A snapshot to show the working of the online plagium software is shared below:



  1. I have also tried the free plagiarism scan from Copyleaks. I get super exact results showing me if someone has taken my content and their website. It’s free for the first few pages you scan every month.

  2. This school year I used copyleaks.com to check my research papers before submitting to my teachers. It was super easy and I felt confident that I Didn’t plagiarize.


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