Feasible Out-Turns That May Occur If You Drink Too Much Water

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Well, “something is better than nothing”; you might have heard this phrase innumerable times. Quite the reverse, anything in more proportion sums up to adversities and complications. This can even happen if you drink too much water. Ever wondered have you been drinking a reliable amount of water? Your body is around 60% water, whether give or take. Even though you are constantly losing water from your body via urine and sweat. Meanwhile, the health specialists primarily recommend eight 8-ounce glasses of water, which elementally equals to 2 liters or half a gallon. And this is the 8×8 rule, isn’t that quite easy to remember? 

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You might be very much aware of the potential downsides of drinking less water. That means a lesser quantity than what is required by your body to function without any difficulty as well as productively. Furthermore, you will suffer from numerous health issues if you’re drinking less water than the daily recommendation. Including constipation, dehydration, insignificant energy levels, weak metabolism, kidney stones, and whatnot

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Water intake does have an immense impact on your brain’s function along with your energy levels. However, this article primarily outlines the potential downsides that you may suffer from if you drink too much water. Or in a habit of drinking water now and then. The basic mantra that you should remember is that you need to trust your thirst as it is there for a reason. Understand this; your thirst mechanism in the brain is already much determinative. Appreciably, closing this phase in such a way as; when you’re thirsty, drink, and when you’re not right off, cease drinking.

1. You may feel fatigued


You might have undergone a bit of displeasure after gobbling down too much water. Nonetheless, until your kidneys are unhappy, and you ain’t seen nothing yet. And if that being the case, then the ultimate feasible reason behind this as in such. When your system has too much water, your kidneys will get down to smacking away to excrete as much as possible. Being as, they will be functioning double the time and effort as they conventionally do, you will prompt to have a feeling of fatigue. And, this condition is characterized as the fatigue mode.

2. You’ll pass clear urine frequently

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Yup, you might be thinking how come this spike falls into the downsides of drinking too much water. As many might accompany clear urine with good health. Wanna know what the truth is? If your urine is totally clear then that particularly indicates your electrolyte balance is off and with that, your sodium level is alarmingly sunken. Well, if you observe this the next time you urinate, then it would be the best time for you to slow down on your water intake.

As per the health specialists, the ideal color of your urine should be light yellow. If that of yours is exceptionally darker, then you must visit your doctor sooner. Are you one those people who run hands over the painful need to head to the bathroom every hour? And if that being the case, it’s not good at all. Well consultants say that you are ostensible to urinate a minimum of 7 times a day. And if this is more than that then it collapses under the juncture of frequent urination. While several attributes that contribute to this frequency can be many including anxiety, urinary tract infection, and even diabetes. But among all, the most commendatory factor in the back of your frequent urination is that you’re consuming ample water throughout the day.

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3. You may undergo headaches

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Well, you might have withstood at the hands of that vicious headache in your day-to-day living. But have you ever reviewed that drinking water in excess might be one of the causes behind that dreadful headache? Something that can be tagged as a water headache? Ya, this might be something quite new to many of us. Not unless you have been gone through one. 

It’s been suggested that drinking somewhere in the locus of 8 glasses of water every day. However, this is completely reliable on age, gender, draining efficiency, and of course person to person. But, if you are drinking enough then what is required, then your culprit can be something called overhydration. When sodium departs your bloodstream, your body sluggishly begins to swell. This eventually puts extra pressure on your brain cells, which in turn entices it to trigger swelling itself. What’s next? This substantially turns over to an immense, terrifying headache that can be too much to take. Well, ever thought that drinking tons of water in one go can be the villain that significantly shot up to an unbearable headache? Yet, it is!

4. You may even vomit

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Yup, it’s indeed true! If you drink more water than enough, you may develop something known as hyponatremia. This minute you may be thinking, like seriously? Does that happen due to excess water intake? Well, hyponatremia is a condition that can be characterized as when you have taken over enough water than what you can urinate. Thenceforth, the fluids will momentarily wash the sodium out of your bloodstream, prevailing you to put you in a state of confusion. And, that where you’ll embark upon feeling sick and as a consequence, you develop the tendency to vomit.

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5. You may witness nausea

Of course,vomiting stinks, and that too both allegorically and completely. But there’s sometimes nothing more uncomfortable than that feeling that you’re hitting the way to be ill. Yup, I know you can relate to this kinda situation. You must have gone through this, maybe in those good old days. Unanticipatedly, you can fondle with that terrible nauseous, awful feeling right in the trench of your stomach. Complementary to that, you even start to witness a bit of dizziness. And, this is the condition, you’re exposed to nausea. If you’re wolfing down a load of water that too quickly, your stomach did not get adequate time to empty. And that being the case, impelling the fluids to accumulate within and you will fiddle with those biting aches in your upper abdomen.

Nausea and Vomiting

One additional fact, that many of us might not consider, is the probable unhealthy bacteria and impurities that are contaminating your water you’re drinking. So, take care of that and make sure you’re ingesting sufficient water from an unadulterated source.

6. You may suffer from moderate cramps

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This might be the unknowing reality of drinking water in excess. Other than Sodium, Potassium is another indispensable mineral that you need to conserve your muscles. Specifically, ones that are on duty of monitoring your lungs and heart. Besides that, drenching away from surplus potassium out of the body will dribble your energy and hence weaken your muscles. This can subsequently sum up to initiating cramps and troubles. What’s even poorer? This will eventually route up to intestinal disorders. However, this may sound crazy but finally, yet importantly it’s better if you stop drinking water in excessive amounts.

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