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Pregnancy And Oral Health – A Dentist Talk !

Pregnancy is an women’s most beautiful phase. You need to nurture it a more proper way with love and affection. Oral changes during pregnancy are very common. Your baby bump and the beautiful changes going on inside it tends to get all the attention. You might be adapting with new challenges each passing day of your gestation period. Well, some might fascinate you. Some might lead you into worries!  And with all the prenatal appointments and preparations going on, your teeth are probably the last things on your mind. But if you want the best outcome for both you and your baby, make you take good care of it!

So let’s just quickly say you some of the basic reasons of oral health problems and how to tackle them when you are expecting a baby-

Play of hormones

You know it very well its all the play of hormones. It is because of it you get your mood swings, your cravings and what not during you pregnancy days.

Well, research says that a connection exists between gum disease in pregnant women and premature or low birth weight babies. Estimates indicate that close to 20% of premature births may be triggered by the mother’s periodontal disease. Premature births can produce a variety of health risks for the baby. These include problems with hearing and eyesight to cerebral palsy.

Inflammation of gum tissue can have whole body effects. Make sure you get appropriate dental care during your pregnancy.

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Dental Care During Pregnancy is unsafe- Just a myth

You shouldn’t see a dentist because dental care is unsafe during this period. It is a complete ridiculous statement. Not true at all. Dental care during pregnancy is very safe if done in a proper way of course! So you shouldn’t stop from visiting dentists for your routine oral cleaning or any other oral health issues.

Your dentist can spot potential problems before they become serious issues and offer up tips to avoid pregnancy gingivitis.

Morning Sickness and Your Teeth

About half of pregnant women usually experience from morning sickness or nausea during their first trimester of pregnancy.

When you vomit you expose your teeth to strong stomach acids. Stomach acid weakens the enamel on your teeth.

Afterwards, it’s tempting to brush your teeth to restore freshness to your teeth and gums. But brushing doesn’t remove the acid. It simply spreads it around.

Remedy –  Add a tablespoon of baking soda to some water and swish it around in your mouth. This will help neutralize the acid. And then brush your teeth.

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Pregnancy tumors (Pyogenic granuloma)

Pyogenic granuloma in simple terms are lumps that are formed on the gums, usually between teeth. It look reddish in colour  bleeds easily. But not to worry they are just lesions which occur only during your pregnancy days. Just take a good oral care. With proper maintenance of oral hygiene.

They are caused due to too much plaque (a sticky film containing bacteria that forms on teeth) accumulation in your teeth. These tumors then usually disappears of its own after the birth of the baby. Oral prophylaxis can be done to reduce the size of the tumor on the second trimester.

Tooth erosion –

Tooth erosion is nothing but simple wearing off of your teeth. It occurs due to strong acids produced during occasional vomiting at time of your pregnancy. Vomiting produces strong acid which generally erodes the superficial layer of your teeth.


Pregnancy And Oral Health – A Dentist Talk !
Pregnancy And Oral Health – A Dentist Talk !
  • Dentist can prescribe medicines that is safe for you and your baby during pregnancy. For pain, plain paracetamol as well as other antibiotics can be taken. If your dentist prescribes you medicine, tell your gynaecologist too about it.
  • Usually second trimester is the most safest period for dental treatment. But you can have dental treatment any time during pregnancy. If it’s an optional treatment (treatment that you don’t need immediately and isn’t necessary to protect your health or your baby’s health), try to schedule it in the second trimester. But keep  in mind that if you have a dental infection or swelling, you might need immediate treatment.
  • During a dental visit, sleeping on your left side is referred as the ideal position while lying on a dental chair. Flat position for a long time may cause hypoxia and hypotension.


Pregnancy And Oral Health – A Dentist Talk !
Positive pregnant blond woman checks her teeth
  • Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and soft bristle toothbrush twice a day and floss once a day. This can remove plaque and keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  • Is brushing your teeth because of vomiting? Don’t worry use antacids or rinse your mouth with a mixture of 1 teaspoon baking soda in 1 cup of water. Rinsing can reduce amount of acid in your mouth. Antacids neutralizes stomach acid. You can buy them over the counter without a prescription but my advise is to consult a dentist first.
  • Visit your dentist for a regular dental check up every 6 months (twice a year), even during pregnancy and do tell your dentist that you’re pregnant.
  • Eat healthy foods and limit sweets and drink water instead of sugary drinks. This helps give you and your cute baby important nutrients.
  • Your baby’s teeth bud starts developing in the intrauterine life between 3rd and 6th month of pregnancy. Calcium, protein, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C and D help your baby’s teeth grow healthy.
  • Don’t smoke and take alcohol. It can cause oral health problems as well as deteriorate your baby’s health as well.

I hope you will remember these tips while dealing with the most beautiful phase of your livelihood!!  Stay healthy and keep spreading beautiful smiles !!

Dr Dipshikha Das loves to create magic through her words. The perfect blend of a keen researcher, dentist, blogger and a content writer. Currently a postgraduate student in the speciality of public health dentistry, she believes that to create a spark amongst us pouring your heart out through writing can definitely make a great impact.


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