Monsoon Measures: Collective Diseases, Symptoms, Safety measures, Healthy Food, and Essential Precautionary Tips

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The monsoons are a much-needed relief from the sweltering summers, yet they bring some unwelcome visitors which must be kept at bay from no matter what. We regularly trust that the monsoon will arrive soon to chill off our boiling nerves in this agonizing heat. Also, when that euphoric shower knocks the entryway, it brings along the ‘tasty’ tasters, chai, and that is only the tip of the iceberg… 

What is that more? It is plenty of free of cost sicknesses transported by downpours alongside the mouth-watering traditional cuisine. We will talk about the regular maladies and side effects related to the monsoons, along with the essential precautionary tips, which if not treated appropriately, may prompt a threat to the wellbeing. 


Intestinal sickness- 

This mosquito-borne sickness brought about by the reproducing of female anopheles mosquito in places containing unattended stagnant water, tops the list of monsoon drove ailments. The regular side effects incorporate high fever, body ache, body chills, perspiration, severe illnesses just as jaundice and stomach upset, in most cases. 


The Dengue fever brought about by tiger mosquito has regularly caused health issues, in a previous couple of years prompting a great many deaths. The regular side effects incorporate high fever, exhausting platelet counts, joint pain, and body ache. 


Another caustic mosquito-lead ailment Chikungunya is brought about by the tainted aedesalbopictus mosquitoes which breed in gathered unattended water for a considerable length of time. The typical signs incorporate high fever, joint pain, and body ache. 


This dangerous water-borne disease is caused because of using blackened and dirty water and poor sanitation. The S. Typhi microorganisms breed to spread damage in water and messy environment. The primary indications incorporate a sore throat, weakness, fever, and migraine. 

Hepatitis A 

This profoundly irresistible liver sickness is brought about by the using of despoiled food, water, or being in contact with an infected individual. The typical signs incorporate sickness, exhaustion, lack of appetite, jaundice, and nausea. 

Safety measures 

As is commonly said, counteractive action is the best fix. We present you the counteractive measure list for an all-encompassing and upbeat monsoon

  • Keep your environment clean, while ensuring dirty water is never collected at any place.
  • Use mosquito repellent for both day and night, to prevent yourself from mosquito bites. 
  • Keep away from outside food, particularly at roadside joints. 
  • Keep away from the consumption of underground vegetables, as they too tend to spread the disease during monsoon
  • Drink a lot of water and other sorts of liquids to flush out body toxins. 
  • Use hand sanitizer regularly while traveling.
  • Keep food and water secured to shield from flies and mosquitoes. 
  • Keep away from direct contact with infected patients. 

Healthy Food 

Even though monsoon is the period of savoring mouth-watering dishes, in any case, it likewise brings along the medical problems and related ailments. Thus, we have to assure that taste and health go associated at the bottom. The list of healthy food incorporates occasional organic products like apple, mango, pear, and pomegranates, thus helping to preserve vitality in the body. Almonds, yogurt, curd, and filtered water keep up the required hydration levels in the body. Adding garlic to preparing food is suggested as they increase body resistance. 

To satisfy your taste buds, you can consume corn, essential item for consumption like chaat, cooked dishes like idli sambar with coconut chutney, saboodana, upma, oats, and so on to keep a stable harmony among season and food. Drinking a lot of stable detoxifying fluids is an absolute necessity this season. 

Remember that if you are feeling drained out and begin establishing side effects of an ailment, it is ideal for visiting your family specialist. We have all heard this previously – to remain sound and cheerful in the storms; we should play it safe during the monsoons. Also, we are not merely looking at avoiding waterlogged regions or eating road food. 

We are discussing, in general, the healthy tips for the monsoons, which can make the climate much progressively agreeable. 

Essential Precautionary Tips

1. Follow a sound eating regimen

It is where the body and particularly the stomach related outline are most inclined to diseases. Infections, during the monsoons, are caused owing to water-borne conditions. So ensure you drink water that is filtered or boiled. It is additionally vital to keep up a sound eating regime during the monsoons, which implies that your most loved chaat, juices, golas, kulfis, and other roadside food are ‘off the menu.’ Ideally keep away from raw vegetables and plates of mixed greens, except if they are consumed at home, where you can wash and clean them thoroughly. 

2. Always be hydrated 

Try not to compensate your fluid intake with carbonated, aerated, and mixed beverages and refreshments, as the additives and sugars in them go about as diuretics. Homegrown decoctions with antibacterial properties are a smart thought! 

3. Refrain from walking in the heavy shower 

As much as it is tempting, walking in the heavy rain makes you inclined to a large group of viral ailments, for example, leptospirosis and can likewise cause various contagious infections at the feet and nails. Additionally, if your feet get wet, dry them quickly and do not remain in wet socks or shoes. Diabetic patients mainly should take additional consideration and refrain from walking shoeless, as the ground is teeming with a wide range of germs. If your clothes get wet, do not sit in an AC. Instead, change them right away. Keeping an additional pair of clothes and footwear in the workplace is a smart thought! 

4. Stay away from moist interiors 

Moist interiors are home to the growth of germs. If you stay put in a moist interior for long, you might tend to experience the ill effects of asthma or some other breathing issues. 

5. Try not to leave home without a mosquito repellent 

The collected water is a raising ground for creepy crawlies, and the monsoons are gathering time for stomach ailments. Continuously wear or carry a mosquito repellent. 

6. Shower two times per day 

A shower, when you reach home at night, will protect you against diseases brought about by the growth of sweat and dirt because of humidity. Take Vitamin C to support your resistance. 

7. Refrain from contacting your eyes 

Eye infections like conjunctivitis, eye infection, dry eyes, and corneal ulcers are primary during the monsoons. It can prompt visual deficiency whenever overlooked. Refrain from touching your eyes, particularly with dirty hands. The individuals who spend long hours before a screen – TV or PC – may likewise encounter redness, burning or irritation. Take advice from an eye- specialist right away.


Thus, by following the healthy general tips for the monsoons, which can make the climate much progressively agreeable, let us make the season a friendly one, in the real sense! 

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