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Dog has been the best companion of human beings from time immemorial. A dog is the only living being on earth which loves you more than itself. One can find dogs associated with people in various fields. A dog may break your things but it will never break your heart. You can only get positive vibes by being with God. Dogs are available in numerous breeds.

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Role of dog in society

A dog is capable of performing certain functions for the welfare of society. The type of function depends on its surroundings and upbringing.

Family Pet

You would have seen dogs in some families as pets. People consider them as beloved family members. They love their human family and involve in many activities. Dogs protect their home and safeguard people. Some people keep them inside their home whereas some keep dogs outside home. Dogs are very affectionate and caring as pet.


Found with security guards, dogs protect people. They detect bombs and sniff things. Commonly seen with security personnel in particular venues. They are airports, buildings, malls, campus and parking spaces. Dogs are very efficient in protecting people.

Police team

Dogs are present in police and military service as team members. A dog receives training to carry out certain functions. They visit certain places along with policemen and detect bombs. Dogs also help detectives in sniffing things related to a case. You would have read about many successful cases where the clue was found by dog.

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Dog shows

Dogs perform various entertaining activities in dog shows. One can find dog shows in various cities of India. These shows witness the participation of many breeds of dogs. People gather in crowds to watch the amusing show performed by dogs. Dogs present different activities on the basis of their ability.

Therapy dogs

Therapy dogs provide comfort to people. They help human beings to recover from trauma. These dogs give affection to people and help them recover easily. Therapy dogs are very well mannered and treat people lovingly. Mostly found in hospitals and mental health centers, these dogs are very caring.

Service dogs

Service dogs perform tasks that will benefit a disabled person. The disabilities of people include physical, mental and sensory disability. Trained to carry out activities for people, service dogs are very helpful. People feel happy and relaxed in the presence of these dogs.

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Breeds of dogs

The dog breeds differ in their colour, size, fur and body structure. Each breed has some particular features. All dogs are special in their own way.


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Labrador is a very cute and friendly dog. This breed is affectionate and outgoing. It is a great companion for people of all ages. Labradors are lovable and found in many roles. It acts as therapy dog, police team, security and pet. Labrador is a medium sized dog. It is available in colors of yellow, black, white and chocolate brown. They are sociable and energetic dogs who can be good housemates. Labrador has a thick and water-repellent coat that sheds. It has a sweet face that attracts everyone. You will find Labradors commonly in America. It has a life expectancy of 10-12 years. You will easily fall for a Labrador after meeting it.

Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever is an adorable dog which is very popular in America. They are efficient in any activity that they carry out. It is famous for it’s dense and lustrous Gold coat. They are friendly, trustworthy and outgoing. Golden Retriever has a feathery tail and smooth gait. It is affectionate and found in many roles. It acts as service dog, therapy dog, police team and pet. Being a medium sized dog, Golden Retriever comes in colours of Golden and white. It is playful, lively and energetic. Golden Retriever has a life expectancy of 10-12 years. You will feel very happy in the company of a Golden Retriever.

German Shepherd

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German Shepherd is a famous and intelligent dog. It is a large sized muscular dog. German Shepherd is mostly found working in society in various roles. It acts as security dog, in police teams, dog shows and pet. It also works with detectives for tracing criminals. German Shepherd is noble, loyal and confident. It is strong and highly capable. These dogs perform in sports events and receive praise from people. They are of black and brown colour. German Shepherd has a life expectancy of 7-10 years. You will find a great pet in German Shepherd.

Doberman Pinscher

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Doberman Pinscher is commonly known as Doberman. It is a very good protection dog among all breeds. Doberman is powerful yet noble. It is a medium sized and sleek dog. Since Doberman is brave, it is found in many roles. Doberman acts as security dog, in police teams, dog shows and pet. It is compactly-built and has a shiny coat. These dogs are of great help to policemen. They are of black and brown colour. Doberman is most royal among all breeds of dog. It has a life expectancy of 10-12 years. You will find elegant qualities in a Doberman Pinscher.


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Dalmation is famous because of its spots. It has black spotted coat on white body. Dalmation is also known as ‘coach dog’ because it used to accompany horse-drawn rigs in ancient times. It is a medium sized, muscular dog. Having eye-catching spots on its body, Dalmation adorns a distinctive coat among all dogs. They are loyal and friendly dogs. Dalmation is found in dog shows due to its playful nature. It is cute and lovable. They are strong and have great stamina. It has a life expectancy of 11-13 years. Dalmations are very good pets because they are house loving.


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Pomeranian is a famous dog in Indian households. It is a tiny sized toy breed. They have been a favourite of their human family members. Considered to be an ideal companion, Pomeranian has a smiling face. It has an abundant double coat which sheds. Pomeranian is available in many colours including white, black, brown and orange. They are alert and playful dogs. You will be amused in the company of a Pomeranian.

Great Dane

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As you can infer from the name, Great Dane comes as a large sized dog. It is also known as ‘Apollo of dogs’ due to it’s mighty nature. Great Dane is friendly and patient. Though they appear powerful and scary, yet they are sweet natured. It is available in brown, black and white colours. Great Dane has a life expectancy of 7-10 years. It is an alert home guard. Thieves will not dare to enter inside any home seeing a Great Dane.

Dogs in entertainment industry –

Dogs appear in various sources of entertainment. The canine species perform in movies, TV serials, YouTube videos, Facebook videos, Instagram videos and in other videos. Dogs act in movies of Bollywood and Hollywood. They also appear in TV programmes to delight people. There are many dog pages in Facebook which have dog lovers as their members. Parker Pup is a Golden Retriever who is a good Service dog.

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