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High paying career alternatives that do not require a degree

In today’s world, numerous unprecedented areas of employment are opening up. There are good jobs that eliminate the need for a bachelor’s degree course of three or four years. Instead, you can acquire special skills in your area of interest, allowing you to start earlier than your fellow students.

Let’s read about some courses that offer a high paying career without a degree:

Ethical hacker:

To be an ethical hacker, you just have to be interested in computer operations.  Institutes offer courses on this subject that will provide certification for a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). After your 10th examination, you can follow this course. What else? Wages vary from 1.5 to 20 + lakhs everywhere!


What if your love of photography could make a living? You can start with being a photographer/staff freelance. Although a highly paid photographer takes time, the starting salary is on average 3LPA quite good.


To become a political person in India, you need to be a 25 + Indian citizen and good networking skills. There has yet to be a minimum educational qualification, but discussions are taking place on this subject. But if you want to enter the system and change it, this is your chance. Wages vary between 1kh and 12LPA as well as other benefits.


All you need to become a writer is the ability to write. So read a lot and keep writing whatever comes in to your mind. Create stories and pen them down and who knows you could be the author of the nest bestselling novel


These careers all relate to your trust, look and feeling. You can take a Diploma course in modelling / acting and start your career if you think you can pull it through. The payrolls vary according to the quality of your work and your connections.

Personal trainer

You need to pass 10 + 2, after which you can register for a course of 3-15 months, depending on your preferences. Indian personal trainers are in high demand because of the increasing awareness of health. It can therefore prove to be a very profitable career. Even if you start 10k a month, 80-90k a month can go up!

Dance instructor

It is ideal for training with a highly skilled artist. Academies throughout India offer dance courses, the minimum requirement is 10+ 2. You can start with someone after the course and then start your own academy. Over time, revenue increases.

Real estate agent

To become one all you need is to complete your 10+2 and help people find their dream home. You must be well aware of your surroundings so that you can offer the best price and crack the deal with your client and earn a handsome amount. This job is based on your networking skills and internet knowledge.

Purchasing agent

There are different types of trades, both domestically and externally. You have to obtain an import / export license. This is an enormous industry with a lot of cover, and the pay depends on the type of division with which you join.

Registered nurse

Woah!! Did you even think about that? Yes!! You can earn by becoming a registered nurse but for that you must have a certificate that is offered by a number of institutes to make you aware of your responsibilities. You must have passed your 10+2 along with a minimum age of 17 years to apply for this job.

Graphic designer

After your 10 + 2 career you can take a 1 year or 2 year diploma course according to your choice. you can start your career in graphic design. For a career in design, creativity is very important. More than 2.5LPA can be earned in graphic design

Make-up artists

The training of a make-up artist is not an essential criterion. There are, however, institutes that can choose diploma / certificate courses. The comprehensive skills required are endurance, patience and attention to detail. In the film industry, even for a newbie, the pay begins at 15k a month that can reach up to 15k per day!

Interior decorator

People love to live in a well maintained and decorative home and for this they do require an interior decorator who can assist the best. You can do a lot of research on internet about latest fashion trends and all and then apply for your first project. Let me tell you the profit in this field in unlimited and can make you earn a good amount with a good name in your first deal itself.

Web developer or designer

You can not only become a web developer by taking a bachelor degree. You can enroll in a diploma course if you are passionate enough and can learn quickly. This allows you to take a headstart as experience matters in this area. Depending on your experience, the wage can be approximately 1.5 lakh-6 lakhs.

Game designer

One of the most budding career in India these days is the game developer. This is a new industry that you can join in India immediately after 10+ 2. Various institutions offer numerous certificates and diploma programs. You must start out as a trainee, who is paid between Rs 7000 and 10,000 a month. You can easily earn between Rs 30,000 to Rs 70,000 a month after achieving some practical experience.

Professional you tuber

A profession that everyone is going mad for these days is you tubing where people tend to make videos of whatever they feel like and post them to get followers and earn with every view on their link. The channel can cover anything you are interested in and that you believe can attract viewers. AdSense, Sponsored Videos and Affiliate Marketing are top payers for this passion. Make sure you find interesting content to post

Professional blogger

You can blog anything you like you can with a YouTube channel. When your blog becomes sufficiently popular, you can earn money from many sources, including through the provision of services or advertising with your readers. There are a lot of bloggers in India that you can read about and take inspiration.

Cabin crew member

You do not need a degree but all you need to be successful is wings and this career option will give you the same. This profession demands a lot of hard work, dedication, intelligence and dedication. Depending on the airline with which you are connected, your revenues can start at 3.6 lakh and even higher.


Do not worry if you do not score well in your board exams or do ont get a good college to study as there are a lot of options that you can avail and make a better career than those book worms. All you need is correct guidance and clear vision

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