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A career in Fashion designing: All you need to know about it

Fashion design is one of the most exciting and glamorous career opportunities in the world today. If you like to create, style and originality, you have the one custom made for a career in fashion design. On the one hand, the fashion industry meets both people’s imagination for creativity and materialism. On the other hand, it promises talented people glamor, fame, success and an affordable package.

Who are fashion designers and what do they do?

A career in Fashion designing: All you need to know about it

Fashion designers create original clothes, accessories and shoes. They draw designs, select fabrics and patterns and provide instructions on how to produce the products.

These designers perform the following duties:

  • Visit manufacturers in different trade fairs and collect samples of fabric
  • Select fabrics, furnishings, colors or a style for each item of clothing or accessory
  • Work with other designers or team members to produce a prototype design
  • Study fashion trends and anticipate design that appeal to the consumers

Skills of a fashion designer

To start your career as a fashion designer you must have two types of skills that are: natural and acquired

Natural: this skill set would comprise of a decent aesthetic sense, colour expertise, good taste and sense of trends and fashion. An eye for detail, knowledge of fabrics and so on is a big plus for those serious about a career as a fashion designer.

Acquired: A qualifying from a decent and recognized Institute of Fashion would be skilled. Either a complete course or a part-time certificate course can be enrolled. Usually, students take them after 10+ 2 this does not mean that graduates or people with higher qualifications are not allowed to attend the course. Several short-term certificate courses are offered on a part-time basis by the same fashion institutes. These courses provide you with technical and creative know-how.

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Start early to become a successful fashion designer

A career in Fashion designing: All you need to know about it

The word “fashion” evokes glitz and glamor at once. The start of the Indian international fashion market has given a boom to the fashion industry, which is the booming industry and is like a golden pot in its career as a fashion designer.

Therefore, many young people who have these attributes in mind decide to enter the fashion industry. Although the academic demand is not very high, you need considerable skill and skill in the design of materials. You should be highly creative in combining colors, shades and textures and in expressing your ideas in drawings.

Your race to enter a well-known fashion school starts immediately after school. Things such as drawing, painting, home science, computer graphics are all about your creativity. When you finish the course, you will master the step-by-step production of a garment: from design to design, production and even commercialization.

Is this the right career choice

If you are talented and stylish in everything you do, a fashion design career is right. You also need to be able to make people look good, be original and creative. In order to combine colors, shades and textures and express your ideas through sketches, you also need to be creative.

 You also need to visualize new designs, clothes, accessories and enjoy working with fabrics and accessories. You will all step into the arena of fashion design when you have all this and more in you.

Funding and scholarship

Some fashion academies offer merit-based bonds. Usually, these bonds do not pay tuition fees only. These exemptions shall continue in the following years subject to the prescribed standards of achievement being fulfilled by the university award.

These scholarship programs ‘ criterion is based on the annual revenue from the annual parental income of the eligible student. Some bonds for worthy and financially worthy students are sponsored by renowned companies. Bursaries also receive educational loans to cover other expenses and fees payable.

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Job prospect

The fashion industry in India has just begun to grow old, as it is still in its infancy. This industry provides talented hardworking and enthusiastic people with plenty of opportunities. The prospects for graduates of fashion design are pretty good because of the huge and ever-growing demand for designer wear and the equally outsized amount of exports.

You can remain self-employed after you have successfully completed the course. Otherwise, a variety of export houses, fabric shop chains, textile mills, leather companies, boutiques, fashion show organizers, jewelry companies and media houses recruit fashion design professionals.

Pay scale for fashion designers

The monthly starting package is approximately Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000. With experience, your skills will mature and your wages will reach Rs 30 000 to Rs 40 000 per month a couple of years down the line. You can, of course, demand the world if you become a well-known designer.

The salary of fashion designers is always upward. However, it is imperative to work hard and work consciously to update the latest fashion trends.

International focus

Better wage prospectus and fashion design growth jobs are huge and also cover international markets beyond the India markets. In nearly all countries, Indian mood designers do very well and therefore the scope has expanded for fashion design students.

Fashion designers like Ritu Beri, Ritu Kumar and Rohit Bal are known all over the world, including Satya Paul and Tarun Tahiliani. Many institutions train potential fashion designers to increase their talents and become fashion entrepreneurs. India Fashion Week has become an international fashion event that features buyers from international stores.

Different roles different names

You can work in areas such as the wear production, fashion marketing, planning and concept management as a professional fashion designer. Fashion media, design management, fashion accessories design, quality management and promotion of brands are also available.

 You can also work as a designated costume designer, fashion consultant, designer, graphic artist, designer, designer, designer or coordinator of fashion. Other roles include: manager for apparel production, buyer of fabrics, sales representative for the showroom, illustrator, assistant cutters and sales representative outside of the room.

Tips for getting hired

  • Make a great portfolio
  • Apprenticeships in this industry are desirable
  • Explore the market thoroughly before going into it
  • Do self-employment for fashion houses and shops
  •  Be innovative, creative, exclusive 6. Be un-impatient and not impulsive
  • Don’t be disappointed by refusals, understand and work on your disadvantages
  •  Start affordable and you can go to the stars once you have proved yourself.

Give wings to your creativity with a flourishing career in fashion designing and enjoy your passion

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