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A Career in Interior Designing: Complete Guide

Planning to pursue a career in interior designing then, you need to know a lot about the course as this one profession requires a lot of creativity and knowledge about the latest trends in the market.

Everyone loves to have a prime and proper place to live in and showcase their standard of living and to fulfill their desire people hire interior designers and decorators.

Let’s read about interior designing in detail and then enroll in the best possible course to become a successful one:

What do you mean by interior designing

Interior designing deals in designing of a room or a complete apartment or any place. It is a profession that requires lots of skills to be put into for getting the best results including: designing, creative thinking, communicating with clients, and management & execution of a requisite design.

What do the interior designers do?

Interior designer has to work according to the will of the client. His main aim is to understand the mindset of the client and then design a diagram or sample and present in front of him. He must remember that the customer is the one who is going to approve his work so do not feel shy in asking 100s of questions before hitting the final structure.

  • An interior designer must also be efficient in:
  • Bidding the correct quotes to earn maximum profit
  • Communicate with clients and be crystal clear in his points
  • Work towards providing maximum comfort in the given space
  • Must be well aware of latest softwares in the market
  • Must be flexible
  • The most important point is to deliver on time to provide your customer with utmost satisfaction

Key skills of a successful interior decorator

These are some of the key skills that you must have or must comprehend if you want to be successful in this field

Correct bend of mind: do not be over confident or impatient and try to listen and understand the demands and needs of your client for a better performance.

Sense of style: be proactive and keep on giving new ideas to your client so that they can understand your point of view and can have trust on your work

Visualization: be ready to jot down points and visualize each and every point that the other person is trying to tell you for the best results

Interpersonal skills: try and be friendly with your client to make him feel comfortable so that you both can together frame out the best masterpiece and then you can start working on it. bombard him with questions regarding each and everything so that there is no fuss in between.

Time management: no one like to wait and your client will ove to get his work done well within the set period of time and it is your duty to manage your plans from the very first day to attain your goals before the deadline starts hitting your mind.

Is interior decoration the correct career for you?

I am not going to give you false hopes here as this profession does require a lot of hard work and is not for those who just cannot focus on anything. It requires a lot of skills and creativity to become a successful interior decorator and to earn a good name for long run.

If you think you can bear the pressure and work according to the likes and dislikes of others then this is going to be the best place for you to showcase the hidden talent

Educational qualifications required for interior decoration

If you want to pursue this course then the following qualification will be required to be eligible for the same

  • Students who have passed or about to appear in the qualifying 10+2 Standard (Higher Secondary) exam or equivalent IB/ISC/State Board exams are eligible to take up Interior Designing course
  • Candidates are also eligible to apply for Interior Design diploma course, if they have passed their 10th Class qualifying exam.
  • Aspiring candidates can also take up an Interior Designer course after completing their graduation.

Interior designing course fee

You can opt for an interior designing course according to the duration available as there are a lot of short term courses as well as proper degree courses available for the same. The fees for this courses differs from institute to institute.

On an average the fees for this course varies from Rs 25000 to Rs 110000

Top interior designing institutes in India

There are a lot of institutes that offer interior designing as a course in their curriculum. Here is a list of top 5 ones where you can get world class education and also get placed with some big brand names:

  • National Institutes of Design
  • Pearl Academy, Delhi
  • Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru
  • IIT Bombay
  • Sai School of Interior Design, New Delhi

Where to get placed after taking this course for career in interior designing

It is a budding career in India as students are shifting their mindset from degree courses to professional courses. The job scope for interior designers is not limited to only big cities or brands but it is also required towns. You can easily get yourself hired as an individual or can join a company and work in a team.

Some of the jobs available in this field are:

  • Builder Firms
  • Architecture Firms
  • Government Projects
  • Interior Design Agencies
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • International Interior Design Firms

It is also advisable to work as an intern first to gather experience and then start your own venture as a sole proprietor.

Pay scale for interior designers

The salary structure of the designers depends on the type of work and their area of expertise. he average salary of an Interior Designer ranges between INR 2,50,000 p.a. – INR 6,00,000. On the higher side it can reach up to INR 12,00,000.

Work timings

This job requires a full time dedication towards your project. There are a lot of people who also do freelancing in this field but then the pay scale and the project is also not so big. To earn a good amount and to be renowned name you must take it as a full time career and not as a part time one.


For leading a respectable life all you need is an open mind. There are a lot of institutes that offer interior designing course in abroad too. Do proper research about the course and university brfore enrolling in your program.


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