Top 7 Fashion Bloggers in India


These days Fashion & Beauty Influencers have created a new place in the hearts of pretty betties. As, all the young girls are going gaga over these instagram fashion bloggers; only because now you don’t have to worry anymore about the best fashion and beauty tips. So all the fashion addicts, here’s the list of the top 7 fashion bloggers in India that you just need to follow:

1. Kritika Khurana:

This girls sums up all the qualities that a fashion diva must have in. Miss Khurana, also famous as “That Boho Girl” has completed her graduation in Fashion & Design from JD Institute of Fashion Technology. She is now the owner of her own e-commerce store by the name THE HYPE which also has her own label of K_Kritika.

2. Anshita Juneja:

All the Delhi girls are known for their fashion sense, and so is Anshita. This Delhi girl is the editor and founder of the blog ‘Vanity No Apologies’. Even though she holds the degree of Business Economics and is currently pursuing her MBA, she still is a fashion enthusiast. She is well known for her all-embracing reviews on Lipsticks and Nail products. Ask her any queries about your fashion and beauty product and she’ll be your perfect mentor for it.

3. Akansha Redhu:

Check out her blog for all the latest seasonal and festive trends. Her posts mainly consists of her favourite beauty picks, season’s biggest fashion trends and covergae of all the fashion events. She launhed her blog in 2010 sharing all such trends.

4. Tanya Mahendra:

This beauty with brains is the owner of the blog, ‘Fashion Oomph’. She not only talks about the best outfits but also tells about the better hairstyles. She also gives you the insightful tutorials on fashion and lifestyle; which is one of the main reason why one should head up to her blog.




5. Megha Varshini:

Megha Varshini is the one who runs the Top Indian Fashion Blog which was launched back in 2011 and is also mentioned in popular sites like New York Times and The Hindu. Her blog ‘Stillettos Diary’, is famous among those people who are always in search of ways to upgrade their fashion sense but on a budget. She also provides you with her DIY tutorials based on making yourself more fashionable.

6. Gia Kashyap:

Head up to Gia’s blog only if you want make-up and hairstyle tips, as her blog ‘Gia Says That’ mainly focuses on such tips. She used to work as a graphic designer, and at the age of 18 she started her own T-shirt business.

7. Abhilasha Mehta:

Does bump and size have anything to do with fashion? I guess no. As, Abhilasha, mother of two runs a great blog ‘Looking good Feeling fab’. Her blog is best known for indo-western style and beauty. Her blog constantly reminds people that fashion is not only about clothes but about how it makes one feels.


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