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Masaba Masaba – The Reel and Real Collide In This One.

All that glitters isn’t gold. The gleaming polish of happy times rub off, and the shine with which we greet life always fades. Nobody is riding the comfortable train to the last station, and there always have been and will be ups and downs in this journey. A lot of people envy some for being wealthy, and others for being happy. But the truth is, nobody is. Life is the great equalizer, and Masaba Masaba shows you that. The series is a parody-like take on the lives of mother-daughter duo Masaba and Neena Gupta. And it is equal parts hilarious, saddening, moving, angering, and grounding.

When I first signed up to watch Masaba Masaba, I hadn’t noticed that it was entirely a TV show, and I had prepared for two and a half hours of privileged fluff. What I actually ended up watching was a six-hour marathon, that was witty and fun to watch. Masaba Masaba is quite like your usual dramedies, with equal shares of high society drama and mocking humor. Masaba Masaba is a show where everyone makes fun of themselves, regardless of how that changes their status quo in the real world. And to see that is quite refreshing. On that note, here is your run-through and first look on the latest Netflix Original series, Masaba Masaba.

Everything Is A Parody Except For Masaba Herself.

The series as mentioned before is a cinematic take on the real-life of Masaba Gupta, a renowned fashion designer, and her mother, the illustrious Neena Gupta. The show follows their lives, their journey as women, as career makers, as imperfectly perfect people. It is of course a fun, one-time watch, but the enjoyment it gives you in that one time is boundless. The story begins with Masaba receiving the coveted flair magazine award for her exceptional field on her annual collection. Everything seems hunky-dory except for a small piece of gossip released in the day’s magazine. The blind item alleges that Masaba and her husband have made the decision to separate. It turns out to be true.

Masaba Gupta
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It feels melancholy, but also real. And that’s when the show steps out of its glitzy façade and shows you its first look of reality.

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Not Much Fashion Designing, Too Much Drama.

Too much drama is not a bad thing. Masaba’s life is full of ups and downs and it’s a hot mess. The actress herself does a good job of curating her exhaustion. You don’t feel like she’s the untouchable Masaba Gupta. The show seems to go out of its way to remind you that she is a real person, unlike her peers, who are all wrapped up in the Styrofoam of fake fame and money. While this could be attributed to the parody-like take on her life, it also feels like the show is very two dimensional. Masaba, and her mom.

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There isn’t much to show in terms of fashion except for the very clothes that Masaba Gupta herself chooses to wear. The collection she showcases which is aptly named Hot Mess is alright, if not mesmerising. Her collection on the screen is completely lack luster compared to her actual designs, which are honestly breathtaking. If I had the money, I would most definitely go for a Masaba original. The earthen tones with bright contrasts and outlandish styles are to die for. I digress.

While the show has its fashion muted down, you also realize that it is not your period fashion drama. It is almost as if the show is shown through the portrait lens of a mobile phone, focusing only on Masaba, her life, her mom. Everything else is blurred out. While it would normally feel too plain, we have to give credit where credit’s due, because the show’s name itself is Masaba Masaba.

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The Highlights of Masaba Masaba.

Despite the show being called Masaba Masaba, the true show stealer was the iridescent, evergreen Neena Gupta. Real and reel life mother to Masaba Gupta, it is impossible to not fall in love with Neena and her dreams of becoming a lead actress. The story showcases two different types of struggles. One of a woman at the cusp of her fame, trying to handle the life behind the scenes. The other of the woman who has had fame all her life, but is now trying to hold onto it as it seems to slip away. Neena Gupta plays the role of the consummate Indian mother, slightly overprotective and a little bossy. But she is also the safe haven and the inspiration that Masaba always finds herself returning to.

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My favorite character out of the entire series is Masaba’s best friend Gia. A fun, outgoing person, Gia is the embodiment of the perfect adult life best friend. She doesn’t hover too much, and they most certainly don’t overshare, but whenever one’s down, the other’s got her back. We can’t say for certain who is Masaba’s real-life Gia, but we definitely envy Masaba for having her.

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A Small Sum-up.

If I had to sum up Masaba Masaba for you, I would call it a TV series worth watching. Not on the top ten for me, Masaba Masaba is still a weekend watch for you and your girl gang. Or better yet, for you to watch alone with a wine and bucket of ice cream. Masaba is exactly the high society drama happy ending show to sate your chick flick cravings of the week. And maybe in the midst of it all, you could even reminiscize with Masaba of your growth as a person and feel kind of good about it. And while you aren’t doing both of those things, take a crack at the ridiculous acting of Kiara, Farah and many others. They have taken the chance to crack a joke at their expense and maybe you should too. Crack a joke at them I mean. Not yourself. 

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