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Best Solo Travel Destinations

Have you ever given a shot at traveling alone? If not, give it a try and you will perceive a different sort of independence along with self-introspection. There might be a couple of misconceptions when it comes to traveling alone, for instance, forlornness and wretchedness. The flip side though is that it is exhilarating to spend some time with yourself, your own thoughts and opinions uninhibitedly.

Moreover, the realm is yours and you are the master of your choice of places when it comes to going solo. From peaceful breezy places to happening crowdy ones, you can explore more and go for voyaging all by yourself. In addition to it, some people even travel alone to expand their social circle and interact with more new individuals who are their ideal travel accomplices. So, have a look at some places that are ideal to go solo.

Here are some of the best travel destinations to go solo

South Korea

Best Solo Travel Destinations

Where? Seoul

Nowadays, ample of us are quite obsessed with the Korean culture, people, food, etc., and yearn to visit the place at least once. Koreans are one of the most cooperative and kind people you would ever come across, accordingly, traveling alone would make you all the more acquainted with people speaking not fluent but comprehensible English. Korea is well-known for its Kimchi, Ramyeon, and other unique lip-smacking traditional side dishes. Wandering on the streets of Seoul, Jeju Island, Jeonju, the foodie capital, and many more should surely be visited during the solo trip. The affordable yet secured bus tours constitute the ideal way for sightseeing the scenic beauty of Seoul.


Best Solo Travel Destinations

Where? Ladakh

Exploring a venturous hill station all by themselves has been a dream for many. If you are looking forward to a solo trip in the land of snow beds, Leh is the perfect stop to your hunt. Do experience the 9-day Chadar Trek that involves trekking over the frozen rivers if you consider yourself a true voyager. Also, the Pangong Tso is a well-known lake that gets frozen during excessive winter days. However, the ideal time to plan a trip to the dream-like paradise is during the summers. Rafting and camping with fellow travelers on a solo trip can overcome the fuss of renting a taxi all alone as shared taxi charges are quite reasonable in Leh.


Best Solo Travel Destinations

Where? Rajasthan

Most of us must have visited the City of Lakes once with our families but have you given a thought to exploring the picturesque city all by yourself? From the royal breakfast of ‘kachori and lassi’ to the vividly built palaces and not to forget, the rooftop cafes on the banks of lakes, Udaipur itself is an ideal companion. Known as the Venice of the East, it is renowned for ‘The Lake Palace’ which is a royal ancient palace situated in the middle of the Pichola lake on the island named Jag Niwas. Though turned into an elite and extremely expensive hotel , it can be visited for a quite affordable museum tour.


Best Solo Travel Destinations

Where? Bangkok

Being among the most affordable countries, Thailand is extremely tourist-friendly and popular for traveling alone. It is known for its tranquil beaches where you can wander by renting scooters, tuk-tuks, and even bicycles. Moreover, Thai beaches offer an enticing view and crystal clear water with long stretches of shoreline along both the Andaman Sea and Gulf Coast. Though a bit risky due to some creatures, the clean water allures you to swim underwater when visiting some of the best beaches, namely, Railay Beach, Haad Rin, and Nai Harn Beach in Phuket. Moreover, Thai massage, an ancient relaxing technique is a must to have a refreshing solo vacay in Thailand.

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Best Solo Travel Destinations

Where? Maharashtra

Who doesn’t long to visit the ‘City of Dreams’ and fulfill all their dreams? It is one of the most advanced and backpacking destinations in the country. The best opportunities to have fun alone in Mumbai include having delightful and spicy street food on the beachside like pav bhaji, bhelpuri, vada pav, etc. Also, sailing near the renowned Gateway of India is another venturous thing to do in Mumbai. Moreover, tourists can book a Bollywood tour in advance and visit the popular shooting places and studios during the tour. The city that never sleeps is absolutely safe for women and the people are cooperative as well. It is also an ideal place for youngsters in terms of job opportunities.


Best Solo Travel Destinations

Where? Uttar Pradesh

We all are well aware of the oldest city that is full of tranquility. Divided by names like Banaras, Kashi, Varanasi and associated with harmony, it is not just confined to being a city, it tends to become a part of your life. It is said that spending some time amidst the ghats of Banaras makes you forget all your sorrows. Also, wandering on the streets through those narrow alleys makes you explore the antiquity of the hideous city. From the unique chaat to chhola samosa and lemon tea, Kashi is all about its inexpensive and flavorsome street food. Solo girl travelers are recommended to travel in the morning as the city might get perilous during the night hours. Do visit this city absorbed in its culture and you’ll get acquainted with the fact that its legacy transcends time.


Solo Travel

Where? Italy

We aforementioned the ‘Venice of the East’, but here let’s brief you about a solo trip to the real Venice, the ‘City of Canals’. Though misconceptualized as being bound to a romantic destination, this place is ideal for solo travelers. It is quite possible to meet the love of your life in Venice itself, isn’t it? Furthermore, the sunsets and breezy weather anyways make you feel exhilarating. Despite the fact that the accommodation might be expensive, it offers delectable as well as pocket-friendly pizzas and pasta. Gandola rides can be booked in advance and are highly recommended to have the blast of a lifetime. So, pinch-pennies for this one and have a good time with a bunch of unknown explorers and surely, lots of good Italian food.


Best Solo Travel Destinations

Where? Gujarat

It is situated around 80 km from Gujarat and is known for its grandeur sunsets. Known as the Tent City, this destination is ideal for solo travelers to have an exciting stay in the tents of Kutch. Spend your days on the Great White Rann popular for its camel riding during the winters and summers. You must have heard about the cultural Rann Festival where you get to relish the traditional folk dance along with the live concerts and talent shows. Affordable shopping is quite prominent on the streets of Kutch where you get access to beautiful handcrafted stuff. The Marwada painting and even the modish Bandhanis using the tie-dye technique are also famous. To conclude, Kutch is one of the most inexpensive places to travel alone and you should surely give it a try!

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