Best Romantic Places to Visit in Mount Abu for Married Couples

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Rajasthan is a Desert area but it has one hill station on the top that is Mount Abu. It’s one of the best places to visit to enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains. Mount Abu is one of the perfect romantic destinations for couples. You can enjoy different activities there with you loved once and explore a good experience. You can enjoy the amazing view of Mount Abu with the great tour packages offered by Royal Adventure Tours the Mount Abu, Udaipur tour packages offered by Royal Adventure Tours make your stay in the state worthwhile.

Some of the romantic places where you can visit and enjoy with your partner-

Nakki Lake – Love Lake of Mount Abu

Mount Abu

This is the most beautiful and relaxing lake. It is one of the top attraction of Mt Abu. Many newly wedding couples come here as this artificial lake is known as ‘Love Lake of Mount Abu’. This is a sacred place for the tribe known as Garcia. You can enjoy boating with your love one. This place looks good in the morning as well in the evening also.

Honeymoon Point – Love Rock


It is situated north-east of the Nakki-Lake and also known Anadara Point. It is located at a height of 4000 feet, with the background Nakki Lake. You can enjoy the calm climate and natural surroundings.

Day / Night Trekking at Mount Abu

trecking at mount abu.jpg

Mt. Abu is one of the great places for trekking in the day/night time. Start the trekking at 6:00 am – 6:30 am and end by late noon 2.00 – 2.30 for an adventurous romantic holiday. famous spots include- Bhrigu Ashram starting at Achalgarh Fort. You can sleep in the tents and also have your food near Bonfire.

Rock Climbing

Rock clibing Mount abu.jpg

If you and your partner loves adventures you can go for rock climbing in Mount Abu with your partner. Mount Abu is the best place for this as you get a thrilling adventure for rock climbing and mountaineering 100 feet high.

Toad Rock – Near Nakki Lake

This rock is known as Toad Rock because it is shaped as a toad – but it is over the shores of the lake which exactly resembles a toad wanting to dive into the waters there. It is great place for photographers as the scenery near it very good.


Om Shanti Bhawan – Universal Peace Hall

om shanti bhawan mount abu.jpg

This hall is established in 1983. There are educational and extraordinary offices especially from Rajyoga Education that is found here. Moreover, It is a new experience for a romantic couple to find peace.

Sunset Point at Mount Abu

sunset mount abu.jpg

This is the best place for the couples to enjoy the beautiful view of sunset point. It is one of the main attraction of Mount

Abu for tourist where you can enjoy the great hill slopes and breezy weather. It is a good place for photographers to catch the epic view of sunset.

Near Mount Abu, Udaipur is another perfect romantic destination for the Honeymoon couples. Udaipur Travel Package includes visiting the heritage and the Lakes, Palaces and exploring the Romantic Aravali Mountains. Avail the best Jaipur tour package from Royal Adventure Tours that offers customized packages as per your budget. It is one of the best places to book your tour package with great offers.

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