Top 11 Snowfall Places in India

I bet the scalding weather is becoming nearly unbearable for everyone, agreed? Though the thunderstorms broke the stifling heat to some extent, we are due for more scorching summer days in the coming months. Each of us yearns to leave all our work, enjoy a reprieve, visit a place with an affinity to cold and experience the snowy weather. Moreover, cold places in India are relatively reasonable, picturesque, and enchanting.

Many individuals sequester themselves to get away with snowfall but few embrace the adventures it brings along. So, let’s have a look at the chilly places that can be your perfect companion during exorbitantly heated days.

Here are the snow-laden places that are ideal tourist destinations.

Leh Ladakh

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Frozen Lake

Where?- Jammu and Kashmir

Do you consider yourself a true adventurer? Not if you haven’t experienced the challenging 9-day Chadar Trek that involves trekking over the frozen rivers. Also, the Pangong Tso is a well-known lake that gets frozen during excessive winter days. January and February are the months with heavenly snowfall in Ladakh, with temperatures dropping much below the freezing point which is why it is difficult to drive on the snow-bedded roads. But it does not refrain us from traveling, does it? However, the ideal time to visit this dream-like paradise is during the summers for rafting and camping.


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Where?- Jammu and Kashmir

Are you a skiing enthusiast? If yes, do not miss this one. Fully snow-laden during the winters calls for skiing over the highest ski lift in the world! Along with skiing, adventure sports like snowboarding, trekking, and cable rides are also attraction points. Also, you can get a scenic view of the highest mountain peak in India, Mount Kanchenjunga here. Known as the ‘meadow of flowers ‘, Gulmarg is the land of alluring blossoms that can bless your eyes during the moderate seasons.


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Gandola Cable Car

Where?- Uttarakhand

Who knew that a small, less-known hill station could offer one of the best snow experiences in India? Right from snow-covered meadows to adventure sport activities, this place remains an attractive tourist spot throughout the year. The skiing on the snowy slopes of the peaks of the Himalayas makes it all the more adventurous. Additionally, one of the best cable chair lift known as Gondola present in Auli is the second highest and the longest cable car ride in Asia. It is a must-visit place for a great snowfall experience.


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Pony ride

Where?- Jammu and Kashmir

Being the most preferred honeymoon destination of our forefathers, couples used to dream of building snowmen and snow houses with their partners in this exquisite place. Ample fun activities like fishing, hiking, trekking, etc. are accessible here. Traveling on horseback is even interesting and gives retro vibes as there is no railway station or airport nearby. Furthermore, it gives you a more panoramic view and time to explore the beauty of the place.


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Manali Winter Carnival

Where?- Himachal Pradesh

If you wish to celebrate New Year at a hill station, Manali should surely top your list. Himachal welcomes New Year with the Manali Winter Carnival that constitutes massive activities, for instance, fashion shows, talent hunts, food festivals, dances, plays, musical performances, adventure sports, and so forth. Also, January is the best time to get acquainted with the pleasant weather and beauty of the hill station. To experience heavy snowfall, do not forget to visit Rohtang Pass situated near the Leh-Manali Highway.


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Where?- Himachal Pradesh

Renowned as the ‘Queen of Hills’, Shimla is known for its blanketed snowfall. The town is located on the top of hills with a snow-laden picturesque view. Known as the Switzerland of the East, Kufri has been recorded to experience the highest snowfall in Shimla every year that makes the mountains look like a snow blanket. Further, Mashobra is another place with snow-covered peaks and trees. Shimla consists of some great street shopping markets like mall road, lower bazaar, etc. A trip to Shimla is reasonable yet adventurous and one should surely visit it during winters.


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Where?- Uttarakhand

Another ‘Queen of Hills’ lays in blankets of snow right after heavy rainfall. People huddle around bonfires and enjoy camping during the snowfall. Mountain biking, rock climbing, river crossing, and rafting are some exciting activities to be a part of during snowfall. One of the most thrilling yet venturesome paragliding begins from Dhanaulti to Mussoorie Lake. However, there are various paragliding spots with different heights. Adequate skating rings are present and the most terrific and unique experience is the open-air skating.


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Snow View Point

Where?- Uttarakhand

What better than enjoying eating Maggi while watching it snow? The most preferred time to experience the heavy snowfall and misty environment of Nainital is from November to February. Snow View Point is the best area to get a scenic view of the snowfall and catching the glittering snowflakes. A closer view of the point enables you to get a glimpse of the Himalayan range along with the three peaks, namely, Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Kot. An aerial cable car is connected to give a mesmerizing view of the town.


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Paragliding across the valley

Where?- Himachal Pradesh

The most famous place to experience snowfall is Ganji Pahari and as the name suggests, it is known for the complete absence of flora on the hill. A thick coat of snow covers it during winters and is a great location for trekking to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset while passing through beautiful villages on the slopes. The most thrilling activity offered by Dalhousie is Paragliding across the open valleys during winters. It gives a whole new thrilling experience, especially during snowy weather.


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Almora Zero Point

Where?- Uttarakhand

Have you ever laid your eyes upon a peak at zenith that is equally beautiful during the sunrise as well as the sunset? The Zero Point in Binsar, Almora is one such unique and rare spot that gives a 360-degree view of the Himalayan ranges consisting of the Kedarnath Peak and Shivling. The snowfall in Almora is so heavy that it tends to create hindrances in the adventurous activities but off-beat explorers would enjoy it to the fullest. This hilly area amidst the mighty yet majestic Himalayas is known as the land of snow along with the divinity of various sun temples. It is truly a get-away from the scorching weather.


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Snow Nest

Where?- West Bengal

Birdwatching is so mesmerizing here that it is known as the ‘snow nest’. It is covered with pine trees, all sorts of birds, and butterflies, making it the perfect destination for nature admirers. The combination of snow and nature makes you feel refreshed and makes it the epitome of pacification. However, the roads are tricky but it provides a good opportunity for trekking and is one of the cheapest snowfall places in India. Do not expect luxurious hotels and an ostentatious environment but go for it if you enjoy being in nature’s lap.

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