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Top Clothing Trends of 2021

Don’t we all lean towards pacing up with the latest clothing fads? From oversized basics to slender shimmers, nothing screams versatility quite like the modish clothes of 2021. Moreover, versatility at zenith as this year observed complementary hues as well as monochromatics. It has been the year of DIYs, for instance, styling with belts, transforming scarfs into various tops, colorful tie-dyes using vivid dyes, and so forth.

In the era when social media is administrating the game, we tend to buy trendy clothes even amidst the pandemic. Clothing trends in 2021 have been immensely influenced by the early times and so are we, in regards to the latest ones. So, we bring you the full coverage of the latest trendsetters in our clothing rundown.

Color Hues

Top Clothing Trends of 2021

Monochromatic Combination

These are the combinations of a variety of similar hues, from darks to lights of the same tones. Generally, if the top clothing is a hazier shade, then the bottom would be the lighter one and the other way round. Modish monochromatics constitute lively combinations like purple, violet, and lilac. You can try a mix and match of such hues by pairing lighter inners and bottoms with relatively darker coats. The trend calls for shades of yellow, from lime to camel browns, neon green to olive green, and many more.


Top Clothing Trends of 2021

Subtle yet slender pastels can be seen all over the fashion industry for a long time now. Despite the fact that these almost nude shades do not go with every skin tone, they give a fragile and soothing touch to your attire. With its breezy summerish effect, this trend has been doing the rounds in B-town as well. Whether it’s mauve, baby pink, peach, periwinkle, or mint green, these subtle shades consistently fascinate us. From tracksuits to baguettes, we are living in a pastel chic paradise.

Do It Yourself

Styling Scarves

Top Clothing Trends of 2021

Yearning to charge up your creative cells? This season’s fashion cycle calls for some DIY as scarves are no more confined to protecting you from warmth. The all-new scarf styling DIYs provide various modifications that turn a monotonous fabric into a modish outfit. Trendsetters have modified it into head bandanas, bandeau tops, single-knotted backless tops, dresses buckled with belts, and even cloth belts. Tiny silk bandeaus are the most mainstream and easy to wrap outfits from this trend that require you to wrap, tying knots towards the corners, and lastly, draping around the chest. Moreover, you can also make the most versatile hair accessory, scrunchy using a piece of scarf cloth. So, let’s hop up the creativity lane this year.

Eve Chics

Sleeky Satin

Top Clothing Trends of 2021

Want to give a luxe-looking effect to your outfit? Paired with chain links, a significant trend from the 90s fashion cycle is back in game and we are all inclined towards it. It tends to be your ideal chic companion for a weekend eve party or any other occasion. Satin has always been our go-to place when we need comfortable as well as alluring nightwears for an excursion. But in recent times, satin midis, gowns, chain-strapped tops, scarfs, scrunchies, and especially mini slip dresses are quite prominent at present as it gives a lustrous yet classy vibe.

Seamless Sheaths

Top Clothing Trends of 2021

Got to spend an eve together with pals? While shift dresses conceal your body shape, seamless sheaths are perfect to showcase those curves. Though these dresses are nipped at the waistline, they complement every body type, particularly hourglass figures. As we are all aware of the bodycon trend, seamless sheaths are relatively body-friendly. They are usually not body hugging and constitute varied lengths and designs from ruffles to A-lines styled with double ring belts, layers, and under layers.

Glittery Goodness

Top Clothing Trends of 2021

Do you find shimmery dresses too flashy? Try out some luster to pace up with the latest fashion cycle. The right sequins outfit that is not too gaudy looks decently classy, not flashy. Modish looks at parties have always been dominated by shimmery outfits in variant ways and 2021 is the year of sequins. So, pair your sequin tops with subtle bottoms( cigarette pants, skirts, jumpers) to get a balanced look and prevent getting overdressed. Surprisingly, this year has observed a unique trend of glittery bottoms as well. So, from sequin trousers to long skirts, opt for a unique scintillating pair this year. That glittery shine will surely help you outshine.

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Pleat it Up

As soon as we hear the word pleat, we reminisce our school tunics or the pleats of our mother’s saree that she asked us to pin up. However, we have moved on from box and knife pleats and the puckered look is one of the chics this year. Spill your wardrobe with elegance by adding pleated archetype skirts, midis, jackets, and even joggers. Play safe with this one and pair your outfit with minimal accessories, heels, and a cloud bag to give a classy vibe. Psych yourself up for that meeting and make heads turn with the alluring look.

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Summer Casuals

Baggy, Not Big

Top Clothing Trends of 2021

Nobody prefers wearing skin-tight clothes during these scorching summer days, isn’t it? From graphic and basic tees to tracksuits and joggers, oversized outfits are dominating the summer fashion cycle this year. Do not perplex baggy with bigger sizes as baggy clothes are just the right sized ones that prevent body hugging. Apart from the fact that bagginess goes with every figure, wearing and carrying the right outfit in accordance with your body type is essential. Oversized tees go well for petite women while they should stay away from such pants. Moreover, tie-dye has been a major print in regards to the trend.

Dress Ethnic

Sheer Organza

Top Clothing Trends of 2021

Organza sarees marked the beginning of ethnic wear this summer. The color hues mentioned above play a primary role in the selection of these slender sarees, organza sarees in monochromatic pastels enhance your summer look for any occasion. Pair a minimal handpainted or embroidered organza with choker neckpieces and boho jhumkas. Further, it is not only limited to sarees, asymmetric kurtas and bottoms are also pacing up with the latest fad. Minimalism is key to ace this effortless yet elegant look.

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