13 must things to carry in a solo trip


Before going on a solo trip there are a lot of things that you must keep in mind. Among which the first one is that you are traveling alone. Keep your luggage always light and easy-going. But there are few things that should always be in your solo backpack. While packing keeps things that are re-usable and not, those have one-time use because those items eat up spaces. Let’s have a look at them.

Extra pair of shoes

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Every trip can be spoiled if you forget to keep an extra pair of shoes. While choosing for shoes you can do one smart thing, tie a flip flop in your backpack and wear your regular tough yet comfortable shoes or boots. As the summers are arriving this is always the ‘go with pairs’.

Sharp Knife 

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A knife can play a lot of roles in a trip, it can protect you from unexpected situations or troubles, cutting vegetables and fruits, in the opening of cans, cutting fish and so on. So keeping a knife is a good idea.


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If you smoke then it will always be in your pocket but if you are a non-smoker then you have to consciously keep it. It is very much useful, especially if you are on a solo trip camping and caught a craving of BBQ fish or chicken then just place your chicken in fire wrapped in spice that’s all and your dinner will be ready. You might also need hot water or small food items that you can cook by yourself to save your pocket.

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A torch is a life savior in the dark when the sun sets all you want is some light around because when we are alone darkness scares us more. You can also use it as an instant tool to give a signal that you need help. Camping needs a lot of preparation, a high-quality torch can save you from a lot of terrible situations in an unlit place.

First aid box 

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First aid box is a tricky thing, if you will put wrong meds then it’s going to haunt you throughout the trip. So keeping the right medicines will help you pass through your trip happily. Insect spray, aspirin, bandages, antiseptic liquid, cotton balls, painkillers are some of the important first aid stuff.

Re-useable bottle

A re-usable bottle mainly the Thermosteel leak-proof bottles are demanding bottles as they keep water cool water cool and hot water hot for almost 24 hrs. Being hydrated is essential in trips because due to traveling our body loses a lot of water so keep drinking water otherwise you will invite a lot of unwanted problems.

Power bank

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Camping is a great experience but experiencing it in the absence of electronics is hardly giving any justice. Clicking pictures, listening to music, going live in social media, and editing those beautiful natures picture in the laptop is quite fun and while camping you get time for yourself to think and nourish yourself with the things you like. For using these gizmos you need time and charged devices. The charged device is the only trouble that can be sot by taking a good power bank that can charge these devices of yours.


There are many extra accessories like a scarf, sunglass, waist pouch, waterproof jacket, cap, and a small mat. Always try to avoid wearing any expensive jewelry as that can attract unwanted attention towards you that can be dangerous.

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Pepper spray

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If you are a girl then taking a pepper spray is safer for you. The crime rate with girls is quite increasing, and on a solo trip, no one is going to come for your rescue. So try to be around in crowded places and if not then carry pepper spray. Before starting your jaunt learn some of the fighting skills like ‘Judo-karate’, punching, biting, kicking, elbowing for your safety.                                                                                                                                                   

Menstrual Cup


If your date of periods is near then always carry a menstrual cup, pad or tampons whichever you are comfortable with. Though I will suggest not to go on a camping trip in your periods because, at that time, we girls have a lot of mood swings and bear a lot of pain. Dealing with so many anxieties together, might not let you enjoy the trip.

Master lock

Our backpack has all our valuable items, so it is necessary to secure the backpack with a good lock that will not break or unlocked easily. There are varieties of locks available in the market. But picking a good one among them is very important to consult the shopkeeper while buying one.

Extra cash

Keeping extra cash is of great aid. Not everywhere you can get ATM or card swiping machine, there could be many emergencies where u need instant cash and you are away from your camp, hotel or stores. There that life savior cash will help you out.

Identity proves 

Your identity prove is the only way of proving who you are and from where you are. If somehow you got stuck in between police or you want to buy anything like alcohol you need to show some ID proof. So don’t even dare to forget this one.


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