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7 Tips and Ways to Stay Safe While Travelling

Travelling is all about fun, exploring new places, meeting new people, relaxing and enjoying yourself with your loved ones. Amidst such good vibes and a happy mood, no one wants to think of mishaps or threats that might unexpectedly occur during the trip. But, to have an enjoyable and smooth trip, it is important to address them. 

Preparing yourself for travel dangers begins right from the moment you start planning your vacation. By executing and implementing some easy safeguards like travel insurance, one can ensure that their loved ones do not become victims of travel threats. 

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Here are some useful tips and ways to stay safe while travelling:

Choosing Your Destination

One of the important things to consider is choosing a safe destination to travel to at that point in time. Though some degree of risk might be present everywhere, it is advisable to choose a place with minimum possibilities of any sort of risk or danger. 

Selecting Accommodation

To ensure safe accommodation, it is preferable to check the location and reviews of the hotel/resort in which you are planning your stay so that you can make a better and safer choice. 

Good Health Is About Prevention

To have a safe and enjoyable trip, it is important to be in good health. Therefore, ensure that you consult your doctor, take necessary medication if required, get vaccinated against COVID19, etc. This way, you can reduce the chances of medical complications during your trip and enjoy it to the fullest. 

Photocopies of Important Documents

While travelling, it is important to keep your documents safe; otherwise, your trip might come to an abrupt end. Therefore, to keep your trip going and cope with uncertainties such as loss of documents, theft/loss of baggage containing documents, or any other mishap, it is preferable to have photocopies of your important documents ready. 

Keep Your Money Safe and Monitor Your Bank Accounts

It is advisable to plan and carry cash as well as digital money. And, as you make transactions, it is important to track your bank and credit card accounts. It is wiser to be mindful of such things while travelling since you are out of your normal environment, and it would be difficult to tackle mishaps.

Carry or Wear Belongings

While travelling, you might carry some valuable belongings, such as jewellery, a camera, etc.  You should wear your jewellery if you can and carry other valuable belongings such as a camera in your cabin bag or handbag so that you can keep it safe. 

Protect Yourself With Travel Insurance

While you have adopted all other safety measures, do not miss out on signing up for travel insurance. It is a top-notch solution to cope with the uncertainties that might come your way, either during domestic or international travel. And, as you cannot really predict unforeseen events such as medical emergency, bounced flight or accommodation bookings, etc., it might not be practically possible to take any preventive measures in advance; however, travel insurance will have your back. A few benefits generally covered under travel insurance are: 

  • Baggage loss/delay (in case of international travel insurance)
  • Medical emergency
  • Bounced flight/hotel bookings
  • Trip Cancellation

To have comprehensive coverage and significant benefits, it is preferable to choose reliable insurance providers such as TATA AIG. As they are present in more than 190 countries, you can stay assured of their services and unparalleled support irrespective of wherever you are. Besides, you can even customize your travel insurance plan according to the specifications of your trip, such as whether you want to have higher baggage insurance and lower medical insurance or vice versa. 

Even if your trip dates are around and you haven’t signed up for travel insurance yet, don’t worry; you can simply visit TATA AIG’s website, select and customize your travel insurance online, and get your travel insurance policy issued instantly. 

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